February 2, 2019 was a day when I experienced something so raw and pure. It was my first ever Pride March and I was overwhelmed with emotions seeing how supportive and caring every member of the community was to each other.

Moreover, there were people dressed in the most colourful and extraordinary clothing that was so different yet amazing to look at, and not one soul had a judgemental feeling towards the other. That was such a pleasant thing to witness.

There was so much excitement and emotion in the air. This was the first march held after Section 377 was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of India and empowered each and every member of the LGBTQ community. And the result could be evidently seen, as almost 25,000 people took part in the march this year.

From the most colourful outfits to giving free hugs to anyone who wanted one and to everyone smiling and waving rainbow flags, it was a beautiful event to witness.

Not only the members, but the supporters and allies of the cause were a big part of the movement and helped in making it successful.

Men walking in stilettos for hours and walking almost 5 kilometres without taking a break and smiling like they owned it was the highlight of the day.

There was a lot of crowd on the sides watching this and taking videos. Many were unaware of the reason for the march. But either way, everyone was having a blast and dancing to the dhol.

People were dancing like nobody’s watching, when in fact; everyone was watching them. The carefree attitude and energy is what made it one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

The amount of support that I saw cannot be compared to anything else. New friends from all over the country were made, amazing memories to reminisce over and the most exhilarating energy was experienced.

Parents, grandparents were all in attendance in huge numbers to support their family members and that was such a proud moment for everyone. This step towards acceptance and empowering everyone to embrace their true selves have created a place where everyone feels at home.

Nobody felt out of place and it was the perfect mix of energy, emotion and excitement.

People from all over the world were present and many had come to Mumbai just to join in for Pride and that just speaks for itself. Hearing such brave and inspiring stories of the difficulties many faced when they tried to embrace their real self and how they fought for what they believed in was just so motivating.

After all, love is love and nothing compares to that.

Yours truly,

A proud supporter of this inspiring community.