A Letter To My Sixteen Year Old Self

Gayatri Menon
Feb 06, 2019   •  81 views

What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time to when you were sixteen?
Some advices, some regretful things you did, some suggestions. Just to change the things you did.
There are so many things I would have changed, the things I said, and some friends I made. But it also makes me think that if things had not turned out the way it did, then I would not be the person I am today.

One thing I would stress on is the fact that as a sixteen year old, I used to be the most disrespectful kid who took everything for granted. I was immature, selfish and rebellious. And respecting and loving my parents should have been a priority.

Then came people who changed my life and impacted it the way it did and helped me change. My dad helped me develop a new perspective about life and look at things in a grateful and appreciative way.

Don’t forget that as we get old, even our parents are aging so make sure you spend time with them and love them.

Also, as teenagers, we are not too bothered about things than partying, getting freedom from our parents and exploring new things.

Important things like career, maintaining relationships & focusing on your well wishers and genuine people are not considered to be “cool” at that age.

I would advise my younger self to stop worrying over a test result, a percentage or anything like that. Those results are not the end of the world.

Thinking about the amount of time I wasted doing absolutely nothing is very disturbing. So I would hope that instead of wasting time, utilising it for developing your skills or working on some hobby will take up your time and stop you from doing stupid stuff.

Staying up late at night and wasting your precious time to sleep will come back to haunt you because all we want to do now is, sleep.

Taking everyone and everything for granted will be a hard thing to get over, once you enter the real world and experience the hardships of life.

Comparing your life and yourself to others is something that everyone does subconsciously or otherwise, and it takes a toll on your mental health and self confidence. So having a positive mindset and just being grateful is very important.

Making sure you choose your friends carefully and maintain them is so important since they will be your support systems and your strength along with your family in your difficulties and time of need.

I just hope that my sixteen-year old self, moreover anything, is happy with her and is making the most of her life and opportunities.

Yours truly,
A proud older versionof myself.