I’m waiting there to get a lift near to my way there is Scooty coming. I think it is Honda Maestro with black in color when it coming little close to my way I noticed its number plate DH 03BV 5445.

I think a girl is riding that scooter. When the Scooty is approaching towards me there is a smile on my face in reply to my smile She smiled back and make a wave towards me by balancing her Scooty with one hand.

Do you know who Is she?
She is Miss Nikhitha Arora. The girl whom I admire the most.She came near to me and she stopped her Scooty, get down from her Scooty.

She said it in an astonished tone: What a pleasant surprise?
What are you doing here?
My car tire got punctured so I’m waiting here to get a lift but no one was ready to offer me a lift.

By the way where you want to go?
I want to go to my office it is in Melbourne.
No issues, if you don’t want mind I can drop there.
Oh really, that’s so sweet of you.
Thanks for the compliment
Shall we move ?
Yeah! sure.
As we left from there.

A cool breeze was hitting me all the way with her hair waving towards my face. I can smell the fragrance of her shampoo. The air is more magical with her presence, all the way I’m looking into the mirror just simply staring at her. There is silence between us other than that nothing else. When she is around me, especially she is with me I overreact for everything I can’t be normal. Even now I’m feeling something for her. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong?

It might be good or bad ?. But Still, I have feelings for her. I know she might not have the same feelings for me. But then I’m not perfectly comfortable either. What is it then? It’s something complicated. Something that’s not normal for me. It has left me aware, very aware. It’s different and I am unsure whether it is positively different or negatively so. It’s vaguely different. She is only offering me the lift. Just like any other can help each other, concern about others who indeed it.

As I’m trying to make an effort to talk to her . we reached our office. I thanked her. I waved towards her and she waved back. I said bye she looked up and smiled that smile……

(to be continued)
Stay tuned.



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