Dear Joanne Rowling,

At the age of eight, I had hurt my forehead because I hurled myself towards a pillar on the ninth platform wishing not to miss the Hogwarts Express. Every first September I would wait for my letter until one day I realized I would not get. Trust me I was heartbroken.

I have grown up with the characters. And the world you have created has become an integrated part of my childhood.I know that the whole Harry Potter world comes under the ‘fiction’ category, but, trust me, your characters have given me real life lessons.

You have given me Albus Dumbledore, a noble kind man, who was a perfect example of sacrifice and devotion. He taught me that in spite of all the desires I have, I have to live in the present. It’s not good to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

Lily Potter showed me that love alone is strong enough to defeat the darkest and most dangerous threat in the world.

Snape showed me how people who truly care protects us in silence, without uttering for a word in return. Once again proving, that true love is strongest. Always.

Neville Longbottom taught me that just because we have lost our loved ones we cannot give up our goals. When friends and family die in a battle, we have a greater responsibility to make the results worth the sacrifice they made.

Sirius Black gave me confidence that if I know in my heart where I belong, and what I should do, I don’t need to listen to anyone who opposes me; be it, family. And even if I get caught up wrongly for the gravest of crimes, it should not change me. My motivation to do good should not wither away. Lineage doesn’t determine who you are.

Hagrid showed me how to love creatures of all shapes and sizes, and how innocent people can be.

Ron taught me that it's okay to use second-hand books and used uniforms because that does change my heart if it is good and kind. He taught me that I should help my friends with whatever I have and whatever I can, even if I don’t know how to swish and flick. He made me realize that we never know everything. Things will change, what we know will be proved wrong. We just need to accept it and move on.

Hermione was the very girl I always wanted to be: intelligent, caring, dedicated, brave and a true friend. She taught me that having an opinion is not wrong and that one should always have the courage to raise voice against the wrong. You cannot change where you have come from, but the destiny is in our hands. She taught that in spite of our origins, we have the ability to make a difference.

Harry showed us all, that if you choose the right company you will always do right. You don’t need to be the best wizard to defeat the evilest wizard in the world. You just need to have a will and courage to do that.

I have laughed like mad at the pranks by Fred and George, and it still breaks my heart to think that the dynamic duo will never be together. Ever. Luna Lovegood showed me that I need not fit in. It’s okay to be a little different, even if people term it as “insane”.

And you taught us, that though there is no real spell called Expecto Patronum, we ourselves can be our own patronus and save the world from Dementors and Voldemort, who would never know the power of love. You have set an example that if you do something wholeheartedly and believe in it, it will definitely yeild its results, no matter what.

Thank you for giving me one of the best memories of childhood.

Yours truly,
A muggle who believes in magic



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Waiting for more longer ones now!