Dear Stan Lee,

Hi. To begin with, I’m so sorry that I did not write to you earlier. Because I was one of those kids who thought Marvel to be over-hyped and was too cool for it. But after many requests from my roommate, seeing the insane amount of excitement around me, one fine day, a week before the release of End Game, I wanted to try out.

It took me just one decision from Tony Stark to get hooked onto it, and just six days to declare myself a Marvel fan. What an incredible world you’ve made. In these six days, I have had the most soulful laugh of the year and have got my heart broken in the worst ways.

I am eighteen, and I always thought superheroes don’t exist. But now I know they do. They are within us, each one of us, just one real mission away. I always wondered if I was good enough for something, but when I heard Tony Stark say “…and I am Iron Man”, I realized I can tear down my enemies just being me.

Captain America taught me life will be harsh, and maybe you’ll miss a dance someday, but we have to move on. You can’t let your nostalgia get your way. We have responsibilities to fulfill.

Natasha Romanoff is the very woman I look up to these days. I realized you cannot pull down a woman who has her eyes firmly set on a goal. I learned that even after the grave crimes that I do, I have a chance to correct myself. Life is about giving chances to one own self.

Bruce Banner taught me that no one can use my weaknesses against me, once I learn to accept them myself. Thor helped me find the true meaning of leadership, and Clint reminded me once again how important family is.

My age need not define my courage as long as I have a brave heart. Like, it did not matter to the 15-year-old boy from Queens. I loved the witty jokes from Rhodes, and how Sam did not hesitate when he realized he had to fight for the greater good. T'chala taught me that when we have something better than the rest, we should share it to make the world a better place to live in.

My heart broke when, in Germany, you made all of them fight against one another. It was like I saw my family reap apart. But one reply of “I do” in 2019, filled my eyes with tears of happiness. To achieve great heights and goals, you need to get rid of your ego and vengeance, right Stan?

In life, where we are constantly being hit hard by the harsh reality, you have made a world where we hold our faith on the goodness of the characters and realize that “with great power comes great responsibilities”. That, we have a legacy to carry on. I regret not staying with it for long.

Anyways, I’ll stop here and get back to continue watching the Spiderman Homecoming and have another cheeseburger.

Thank you for giving us the superheroes of our lives.

A Child forever.

PS: I never thought I’d tell this but, I love you 3000.



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