A Day In The Life Of A College Student

Ganesh Reddy
Apr 21, 2019   •  211 views

Student life is not just a part of life but it’s all the beginning of life. The learning, desires, goals, crush and first love all happens during these days. Most memorable days and events will stand up. The crucial time where the moulding of life takes place. Student days are like clay, the smooth thing that can be shaped as our desires. Once it’s over it can’t be changed without breaking. Here the busy life a student.

Waking up:
The day starts with difficulty to wake up early in the morning. The alarm will ring continuously but we can’t open our eyes to off it. It rings again and again untill we break it. At last someone should hit us to wake up. Bathing and breakfast won’t take much time to complete and to board the college bus.

Usually they have to do daily assignments. Even though they are good enough to think about their future, higher studies, career plans they should do the assignments. By college time they will become majors and they have right to vote, right to choose their leader but they has to follow the rules and do works given in college.

Forty eight papers he has to clear to finish his education. No...No... To promote to higher studies. Student invests 146 hours on exams.

Canteen, only place where students do all mysterious things peacefully without anyone’s fear. A place to chit-chat all non sense things and to spread all the gossips about their friends and to imitate the teachers whatever.

Social media:
Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, messenger whatever students will be in online all the time and he is. Majorly students use this to become friends with strangers. They trust facebook friend more than his real friends. They share everything in social media everyday whatever he does.

Future plans:
The day ends with dreams on future. That to get a good job in prestigious company with small workload and high payment. Ohh God It’s nice to have a girlfriend in my life, thinks like play boy. Good night…

Whatever it may be student life is the most precious life where life may take turns what to be in future. Every day in student life is a lesson to learn and move on..