F.L.Y First Love Yourself. Others come next.

When was the first time you went on a date? Let me answer it for you, late teenage, maybe 18-19.

Did you like him/her? YES, I felt a zoo in my tummy. Did he/she like you? Um, yes.

A lot of dates, tons of late night calls and text messages later, y'all fell in love with eachother. Your partner gave you the right vibes of a breezy autumn evening, cozy blankets, cuddles & vanilla flowers. But one day, he/she left, walked away like nothing ever happened leaving a void in your heart. You, didn't knowing what to do, shunned yourself from reality and sinked into a shell of lonliness.

Also, answer this, did it take you over 15 years to realise that you couldn't live happily without a significant other? Weren't you doing just fine before it? How did you suddenly lose your happiness key and place it in someone else's hand? Now the streak goes on and on until you completely become self-deprived of self-content & happiness.

Ever wondered why we do this silly yet funny thing?

Do we all ever realise the fact that we have come into the universe all alone and leave all by ourself?If yes, why do we then depend on another human for all our happiness and contentment?

If no, it's time we let it sink in. Because life is like a long walk in a beautiful park, filled with wonderful flowers, we can just admire their presence and move out, for, if we pluck them, we would be deliberately taking them off their natural habitat.

But, there's certainly a way out for this dependence. Now, if I were to ask you, if you would ever date yourself, what would you answer? Before that, I'd love if you wrote down all the qualities you would want to see in your perfect partner. Qualities don't mean physical appearence only, I want you to focus on things concerning his/her emotional and mental approach to your life & set a standard based on that. Now, look at each one of those and try relating yourself to it, how much of you are what you want? Do you match up to what you have written? Are you worth a profit of a million when you have invested just a hundred?

So, technically, this perfect partner of yours will never come into your life and stay unless you are not the perfect partner to yourself.

Many of us fear the concept of living all by ourself, we take it as an impossible task that we often fear but live with another entity happilly. But in reality, the self is the only part that can make you happy and be the way you want it to be. Fair deal right? No break-ups, no fights, no leaving.

So, this being said, all of us will be happy to date ourself now. All of us have dream dates, why don't we fulfill it alone?

Self-dates have personally changed so much for me. I now know what I'm as a person, what I like, what I want, my priorities and my downfall. I treat myself very often just to train my inner self to attract people that treat me the same way. The respect you give to yourself shows people how to respect you otherwise you will just be another person to them. The more you connect with yourself, the better your surroundings and choice of people.

The key to a succesfull relationship is the same, love yourself like you would love a person that meant the most to you and this way you have set a standard for your partner. This way, you would never let any toxic relationship be a part of your life. This way, every relationship you will have will be a bonus and you will never feel lonely after it's done.

Let's go back to our first analysis, weren't we doing just fine before any romantic human interaction? Yes, we were more than just 'fine', because as kids, we only know ourself and to keep that part happy. But then, we outgrow and try giving life different meanings which otherwise is rather simple.


Look at yourself in the mirror, talk to yourself about all your insecurities and happiness. Ask yourself out, get dressed in the best outfit you have, put on your favourite perfume, fit in your sexiest pair of footwear & you, my friend are ready to love yourself like no one ever did.