Living in 21st century, we have seen a number of technological innovations and one among them is social media. We all will be familiar with the word‘ social media' and by this we mean Facebook,Twitter,WhatsAppand much more. Today, everyone is on social media and we can’t even think of living our life without it. It has become an impressive part of our life now. But the question is that is it a boon or a bane?Every coin has two sides and so does social media.It may prove a bane as well as a boon depending on the user.

Social media has made us accessible. People can connect to you even if you are miles away doing anything. It can also help us in promoting our business and establishing a rapport with our customers and clients. We indeed meet some beautiful strangers who then become a significant part of our lives .But it at the same time makes our personal life private. Social media makes us unsocial. We start spending time with our cellphones which automatically cuts us off from our families. We can’t handle both the things at one time. We’ve to give up on one and most of us prefer to cutoff our family. Not only this, but social media messes with our personality. We often fake our personality on social media and try to the person who we are not in real life.We try to act cool and interesting.It may gain us some attention but at the same time harms the other people. Others compare their life with this and end up cursing their humdrum lives. This often leads to isolation and depression.Not only this, social media is responsible for some other health issues too. Spending time incessantly on our mobile phone harms our eyes too.

Online harassment is another consequence of using social media in an abysmal way. Not so far away, a 17 year old boy in Canada,committed suicide because his picture was exposed on social media by his own roommate. In that picture, he was kissing his boyfriend and his roommate captured it and put it on his twitter handle. There are thousands of cases like this.

Self loathing is also an outcome of using social media. Seeing celebrities enjoying their lives and travelling from one corner to other, we often feel exasperated with our lives.Also, Instagram modals upload their photos after clicking thousands of them and then choosing one on which they put on several filters and then they look suicidically beautiful. And then we start hating our physical appearances and become depressed by it.

This doesn’t mean that we should cut off ourselves from social media. No, but we should you it in a wise manner. Think about how much it enriches your life and if it does not, then keep the phone away and start living in the real life and enjoy it’s moments.



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