Loopholes In The Education System Of India

Jun 13, 2019   •  183 views

RECIPE: Mug up those gigantic course books, pages filled with theories and puke whatever you filled your brain with, the previous night, in those 2-3 hours of examination for 12 hell years. After rusting your brain in the rain of tears of not being able to understand anything yet feeding the brain, repeat the process for 3-4 more years in your college life. After this continuous pressure of studying and trying to score good marks, when finally the meal is cooked, serve this non veg meal to a vegetarian. Yes, exactly my friend, the education system of India or rather *non stop exams giving system* of India provides education which apparently is irrelevant to the jobs available.

Respected CBSE and all other education boards in India,

No one and trust me no one likes to mug up those never ending syllabus from textbooks. Learning can be fun when you have teachers like MR. KEATING ( reference from the movie DEAD POETS SOCIETY - OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN) because learning is not just filling your brains with thesis but rather it's a fun process of evolving as a human by imparting knowledge without taking it as a burden. Indian education system lacks way behind in making learning process: a fun process but rather it makes it a tough and a tedious task for students which also mentally exhausts them.

And how can I forget the fact that the teachers themselves aren't well educated enough. The viral video of an amazing teacher in Bihar teaching students the spelling of MONDAY as MANDE and SUNDAY as SANDE. Come to think of it that if the teachers, the ones who are suppose to nurture the young saplings with knowledge and values, are themselves uneducated and corroborate themselves to be a hindrance in the upbringing of the young minds then how do we expect the students to be educated enough to sustain in this evergreen world of competency (everyone in this country needs JEETU BHAIYA from KOTA FACTORY as their teacher). Not to forget that the infrastructure and the teaching methods are still penurious in many parts of the country where chalk and duster system still prevails.

Most of the Indian parents haven't yet stepped into the world of non- engineering, medical , CA/CS because the education system here doesn't impart knowledge over and above these monotonous streams that are presumably the best career jobs to attain high income. The thing is that the education system of India brace the students to run after high paid salary jobs and thus, the students in India lack way behind in innovation and creative skills. Undoubtedly, the Indian education system promotes the culture of private tuition because of its lack of support to the teaching staff, infrastructure, awareness about education, incentives to under privileged students, teaching methods etc.

We can't snub the fact that education is so important for us, as an individual and as a country to grow, prosper and prolong its stake in the world. It is the key to unlock the door of anti-terriorism, peace, freedom and prosperity.



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Nice work. Keep writing.
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Nice article