Seven Places In The World, That Should Not Be Missed

Elakkiya Suresh
Apr 04, 2019   •  42 views

1.White heaven Beach , Australia

As the name implies, it has a 7KM wide stretch of sand which is white in colour. (It feels like, the piece of heaven has dropped on the Earth). One of the most photographed places is, the white heaven. From the ports of Shute harbour , Airline beach and Hamillon Island, the beach can be reached via boat. It’s one of the best places in Australia.

2.Grand Canyon National Park ,USA

It is one of the most visited famous parks and has around 5 million visitors every year. It is a must visit one. This leaves us speechless during the sunrise & the sunset and is a magical destination. This is divided into three segments such as north, west and south rims. The south rim is the frequently visited spot. Incase, if a person needs adventure then north rim is the perfect place.

3.Rainbow Mountain ,China

One of the stunning places in china. It consists of colors like Maroon, Magenta, Yellow and Green as it trace out the minerals within the sandstone. These mesmerizing colours would leave us speechless in one visit.

4.Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

It lies halfway between Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and Zadar, coast of Adriatic sea, in which 16 lakes are linked by waterfalls. It’s a beauty filled with wolves, bears & birds. It’s beauty could be enjoyed at the highest point of 1280 meters and at the lowest point of 280 meters. It’s a kind of magical lake that attracts all kind of people .

5.Lake District, England

It's area is of 885 sq. miles and is the largest national park in England. This beauty is situated in the northwest England. This national park gets around 15 million visitors a year. It would be a great treat to the historical & archaeological enthusiasts. Beyond enjoying the beauty, it’s the best place for cycling, boating & even for walking.

6.Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

In 18th century, The stuart family planted it as the beach tree. This hedges are amazing at any light condition. It’s a magical tree tunnel, which is a breathtaking place for all visitors. It has been featured in the favorite tv series “Game Of Thrones”.

7.Banana Reef Maldives

It is one of the best dive sites. It’s range is quite wide which begins from 5meters in underwater & goes deep upto 30 meters. It is warm & comfortable with 24 degree Celsius. Diving from the east is more attractive than from the south. Deep inside the coral beds are the beautiful creatures and scenery which mesmerizes people with different shades. This is one of the best places in Maldives.

Well !! Its good to go around the world and explore places. If you are an adventurous person, who has a bucket list that needs to be ticked off, do append these spots. If you have the wanderlust in you to explore the world, make a visit to these places.

Paying a visit to these places is the experience to be cherished.