Beaches are the best places to travel, in almost all seasons, accept then during rain. Beaches are the places where you can experience the Sun and the Sand and unexpected rains too, with moderate or no cold at all. India has a rich heritage in beaches too. A place where you enjoy utmost, and can relax like never before. When it comes to Beaches, almost all southern states in India have beaches. Below I'm going to mention the best beaches in India to take up on your next tour. The coastal areas have one of the most famous cuisines in India and because of the sea, all the food that is fresh.

1) Agatti Island Beach


Agatti is situated in union territory of Lakshadweep. It's around 7km long Island. However an entry to Agatti Island is under strict regulations. You are to obtain permission from Lakshadweep administration for either a visit or an entry. And your entry permit will be issued only when you have a confirmed place to stay. Lakshadweep is connected to Cochin by a sea root and by air travel as well. Agatti Aerodrome is the only airport in Lakshadweep and you can take a flight from Cochin and if you are keen on spending some time in the sea, then it would take around 15-20 hours of ship route to reach here. Agatti Island Beach is situated in Lakshadweep. It is still very less explored and therefore clean. The beach has white sands and the coastline is covered with Palm and Coconut trees. It is a traveller's paradise. For this place will give you time enough to enjoy, dive, do some kayaking and soul searching as well. There are only four places to stay in Agatti beach namely - Agatti Island beach Resort, Red Corals Beach Resort, Sea shells beach resort and Coral Paradise Beach Resort. If you want to travel in the island you can take a bicycle to stroll around the island. Agatti is just one of many beaches in Lakshadweep, it has many more beaches like Kadmat

2) Radha Nagar Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a group of seven major Islands. Radha Nagar Beach is found in Havelock Island. Radha Nagar Beach is the second longest beach in Asia and it is also ranked to be one of the best beaches in by Time Magazine. If you are tired oy your daily routine then this is one of the best beaches to visit. You can capture your best shots, get married here or just relax in the beach. So to reach here you can take a cruise from Port Blair and to reach Port Blair, you can take a flight from Chennai. There are government and private cruises that will take you to Havelock in about two to four hours. This beach is famous amongst the honeymoon couples of India, as you can take the most amazing " kodac" pictures there, or perhaps indulge in some soul searching. If you are more like an adventure junkie then Elephant beach is the best for you, it has lots of water sports, scuba diving and a lot more. There are both kind of restaurants Vegetarian and Non vegetarian. Famous amongst vegans are Shakahaar and Flavours. Amongst non vegetarian there are many such as Eco villa palm beach restaurant, and their best cafe's includes Something Different - a beach side cafe.