5 Picturesque Tourist Places In Pondicherry

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Well! Are you planning to explore Coromandel Coast of India? Sounds mysterious to people oblivious to Indian Geographical Structure, no?

Yes, traveller Coromandel is Eastern Ghat or Coast of Indian Peninsula and there are plenty of beaches but Pondicherry is something unique sort.

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You may have these certain questions in your mind - What is there to do in Pondicherry?, For what Pondicherry is famous? What can I see there? And also, what is the best time to visit Pondicherry?

Alright folks have patience, this short article will clarify all your doubts, so just get some prior visit ideas on Pondicherry.

Pondicherry will give you a spectacular picturesque of Bay of Bengal beaches. Pondicherry known as Puducherry means 'New Town' in Tamil, is tiny France in India. The French architectural styles of buildings, cafes, roads, food, and the foreign people will take you a ride of France within India. The foods in Pondicherry Restaurants have a unique taste because French cuisines are cooked in Tamil Spices.

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The attractive beaches, Auroville, French Cafes, White Town also called French Colony, Garden, Churches, Temples, Raj Niwas and Light House are some of the places you must visit in southern Union Territory. Pondicherry is another Goa in India. The choice to set it as your next destination is apt if you love nature and want to see the sunrise at the Eastern Ghat.

You can reach to Pondicherry taking a train from your hometown or a nearby district railway station via train, but if you want to come by flight, the flight will land in Chennai and from there take a bus or train usually takes 3-4 hours to reach this beautiful town. Inside the town Bus service is available at cheaper rates.

Decide your Convenience of travel according to climate for best enjoyment.

Average temperatures at different point of time

·Summer 30-45 degree

·Monsoon 20-35 degree

·Winter 17-25 degree

The places you must visit in Pondy are:


Although whole Pondicherry is on the coast of Bay of Bengal and you can see beaches on an asymmetrical line yet you can have a glace of some special ones which sets Pondicherry apart from other beaches in South India.

1. Paradise Beach


It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Pondicherry. The early morning sunshine on sand makes it golden & silver. The soft sand eases stroll on the edge and it is the most enthralling experience you can have at Paradise Beach. A boat ride on the blue water is what enunciates this beach Paradise.

2. Serenity Beach


It is a beach in Kottakuppam 7 km away from Pondicherry main Bus station. The beach is best for photography with marvel scenery. The colourful boats create an ambience of thrill. The waves there are suitable for surfing. There are different surfing trainers offering training to visitors at a low cost. The rocks on both sides of the beach are the top place to sit and enjoy the glance of the sea. The water animals on the sand are the additional mesmerizing joy you can avail at Serenity.

3. Promenade Beach

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Promenade\Rock Beach is attached to White Town. The beach is fenced with rocks to sit on enjoy the waves on the lengthy shore of this beach. It is also called Promenade Beach. The beach is a spot for different camps all over the country. You can see wrestling on the sand of Promenade Beach. There are enough numbers of Resort and Hotel making it destiny for honeymoon and family trip. Promenade Beach is the most beautiful getaway to stroll and cherish the sunrise.


Rock Beach


After the beaches in Pondy let's talk about the man-made sites famous in there. These heritage sites with a history since the time of 18th Century and architectural build-up one of its kind.

4. Auroville-Matrimandir

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Matrimandir is the Golden Globe inside Auroville that glows and shines in the sunlight. This dome is the symbol of peace. Auroville is constructed in the memory of Aurobindo. One must know the background of this spiritual destination before visiting. You have to check the day of the opening of this dome ( Matrimandir) and make a prior booking, as it’s not open all days of a week. There are best Yoga Practitioners for affluent health of mankind. Auroville is a place serving visitors free of cost. It is a jungle with different sorts of trees. It preaches to the world around the globe about Indian Spirituality. You can get cafes with mouthwatering French cuisines.

5. Light House

It’s the 19th Century Lighthouse built by France Government in Pondicherry. The 10-floor climb is tiring but the bird-eye view after climbing is unexpected. Whole Pondicherry can be sighted from this top. This lighthouse is partly a museum in the bottom inside. This is uniquely constructed lighthouse in terms of its design. You are in Pondicherry and you didn’t visit the lighthouse, it’s a blunder. The entry fee is just Rs. 10. So just be there once. It opens at 3 PM and closes at 7 PM every day.

Located at Dudrayapet, 4kms from Pondicherry Bus Stand.


The life of Tamil people and foreign visitors, also all-time dwellers are some of the new feels you can find there at Pondy. Visitors have to be careful while taking bath and playing in the water of serenity beach as there are some danger zones (Not Identified officially) can take life also.



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