Insane Stereotypes Movies Just Cant Seem To Get Over.

Eeshan Pandey
May 20, 2019   •  164 views

If you have watched enough movies, you start to become familiar with the tropes associated with certain types of people or certain plot situations. It is way too repetitive and thus I find it funny and annoying at the same time. So here I am listing few of the most common stereotypes in Movies and TV.

1. The kids in horror movies

A horror movie just cannot exist without kids. Terrified and vulnerable, these kids often provide the biggest scares for the viewers. But why are they portrayed so dumb? Why do they feel obliged go near anything that seems shaking in the middle of the night? What’s all this curiosity about? Why not just sleep or if it’s really concerning call others? Even if there’s a ton of spooky and supernatural stuff happening in the house the kids and parents always have to sleep in their separate rooms.

2. Earth=USA

Hello, I am an alien. Me and my companions are going to invade planet Earth. And when I say planet Earth, I specifically mean the US. We might get our asses kicked but that’s the only place we are trying.

3. Super- Realistic Hacking

Dude with spectacles sits in front of his computer. He starts fast-typing randomly, doesn’t really seem to hit the spacebar or even use the mouse. Somehow he is writing lines of code in lightning speed, which is flashing everywhere on his computer in bright green display. 30 seconds later either all gates and barriers are disabled or they have scored a top secret government file.

4. The Phone Call

No goodbyes before hanging up, the way literally everyone on Earth does. I just stop talking and put the phone down and the person on the other end somehow just knows that I’m not there anymore.

5. Racial stereotypes.

Perhaps the most common of them all. Arabs depicted as belly dancers and camel-riding oil sheiks. The Asian guy will either be very smart, or a kung-fu expert. Tough, rough and evil Russian guys.

6. Forced Feminism

This happens a lot in movies these days. It often comes off as cringey and extremely unnecessary. People who respect the message or the movement don’t need to be shown this in the movies; it is completely fine without it. Avengers Endgame sported such a scene, so did Jurassic Fallen Kingdom and now even the new Batwoman trailer.