How Avatar Became The Highest Grossing Film Of All Time

Eeshan Pandey
May 26, 2019   •  147 views

Sci-fi genre in movies is taking over the world, or more precisely our money almost every month. It is the new big wave in the movie industry which we all enjoy and its creaters are also breaking bank.

Avengers:Endgame as we all know is just inches closer from overtaking James Cameroon’s Avatar. For a decade Avatar had been insurmountable as a lot of movies racked up big box-office number but still failed to come close to it. I have seen Avatar and I think it is pretty decent, but definitely not something worth 2.78 B dollars. So what made it reach the peak of box-office gross?

Avatar succeeded due to a few key identifiable factors.

First, and most obviously, it was a stunning leap in 3D technology and effects, making for an incredible in-theater experience that was unlike anything people had seen in many years. It was the first 3D movie I watched in theatres, so it was definitely a memorable experience. For a lot of films, audiences might think "I'll wait to see it on DVD or on TV," but some movies become must-see due to how the theater setting enhances the experience, like Avatar.

Second, and as another obvious point to get out of the way quickly, ticket prices soared for this movie due to the IMAX and 3D prices, and it was the first such widespread worldwide movie experience with that sort of price tag. Avatar benefited from being the "first" film with that price tag along with those technological and effects advances, so everyone flocked to see it.

Third and I think this is the most important factor: this movie spoke to audiences everywhere in the world, in a way few films have ever resonated with viewers. A movie about blue aliens in a mysterious planet, which is independent and not a part of any movie franchise is something anybody in the world can get behind.

So basically Avatar profited a fortune because of its never seen before visual effects and worldwide appeal.

On the other hand we have Avenger: Endgame at the close second position. The only reason for the humongous success of this movie is the hard-work and dedication invested by the cast and crew in forming the MCU franchise. Now 11 years and 22 movies strong, it has been successful in gaining die-hard fans all across the globe. Avatar just came and went like a wind. But the Avengers saga is something that will be remembered for decades, and hence I think it is truly worthy of the no.1 position.