Water, water everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink.

Water is the foremost requirement for the survival of all the living creatures on this planet. Even, life is possible on earth due to the presence of water and life supporting gases like oxygen. Today, there is a need to save water since there is an ongoing shortage of water.

Media is a very influential platform to spread awareness among people. People read newspapers and watch television but there are still callous about the issue of the water crisis. Recently, the government announced the shortage of water in Chennai. Chennai is located in the southern part of the subcontinent and it is near to the seas and the Indian Ocean. Even then, the state is facing this problem. The water of the sea is unfit for human consumption. The government has alerted the common people. Drinking water becomes more expensive. Poor people are unable to afford this and they get caught in the trap of epidemics and water-borne diseases. This challenge can't be overcome without the support of people.

Many journals have predicted that the next world war among the countries will be on the issue of water. Not only India, but other developed countries are also fighting with the water crisis. But if the situations will be in uncontrollable, then there will be a war.

There are many remote areas in the country where people walk miles just to get water. They are facing an acute scarcity of water. On the contrary, people in cities don't bother to repair a tap to stop the useless the flow of water. And, the water we will be left to be either polluted or salty sea water.

The underground water level is deteriorating day by day. Acid rains are the major reason for this. The pollutants enter the water cycle and harmful particles come to earth as rain. Harmful metals and pollutants get mixed into the water making it inept for us to consume. The handpumps are dried up in the villages.

Our body consists of about 70% water. Just like breathing keeps us alive, water works as an element for our survival. We know how we are wasting it today. Still, we are not initiating to save it. A drop saved from falling into drains can be beneficial for our future. We should adopt the thesis of sustainable development, by which we can develop without harming nature and preserving resources for future generations. Everything doesn't come under profit and loss theory. The industrialists can control by taking care of not polluting existing water sources as well as saving it. Save water should not be in slogans merely. It should be in our actions for preserving a drop judiciously.

A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.


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