Easy Tricky Methods For Stress Relief

Divya Visakh
Jul 25, 2019   •  18 views

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain which results in us to affect ourselves in the surrounding scenarios badly. Stress can be from our work area or by various negative thoughts. Altogether it doesn’t help us to find a balance to do our tasks and lose our state of happiness. I have experienced the same in my life in different scenarios. The first big step is to relax your mind without overthinking the current situation and be ready to take up a new challenfges in life. So a proper way of relieving stress is necessary for a healthy mind and soul. When we are desperate and stressed, there are some techniques to solve this issue without taking many minutes from our precious time.

Paper Toss

Paper Toss is a nice stress reliever task to do during a break at work. Whenever we feel exhausted and need to relax, do this technique. Take a paper, crumble it and start to throw it into a wastebasket. It helps us to think, focus our mind into a single point. Try this trick until at least 1 paper ball fall directly into the basket. It helps us to build self-confidence and feel motivated.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is a great game for reducing stress. Bubble wrap is the most commonly found commodity in our surroundings, so save it up for these types of scenarios. Just press the bubbles with fingers and make them explode, thus, getting rid of evil emotions. It is also a time killer while waiting in a long queue, bus and or during a long and tiring trip. It acts as a mind refresher and improves blood circulation in hands.

Mandala Art

Mandala Art is considered to be an art therapy that can represent our unconscious self. So here in order to self discover the inner soul, the game can be done by simply drawing a blank circle first then any patterns or designs can be drawn from the center. This is an art therapy to improve our creativity as well as it kills the stress in our mind.

Stress Balls

Stress Balls are mainly designed to relieve the stress of human beings. While squeezing the ball, it releases the tension of our mind at that moment. The motion helps as a relaxer to the muscles which are clenched during we are stressed. The squeezing effect calms us down a little by little and returns us to the normal level of mental state without any traces of anxiety. It is also used to treat for medical issues like muscle strengthening.

Fidget Pens

Fidget Pens can be twisted, popped and bounced. It is a normal pen but can be used as a funny stress reliever thing. It is mainly helpful for the people who are stressed in studies and workplaces. It can also build concentration. It is very easy and super exciting to use.



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