As Shakespeare once quoted “Methinks you are my glass, and not my brother: I see by you I am a sweet-faced youth. There are thousands of personalities who are identical in this world. When we really stop and think about the people we mostadmire and respect in our lives, aren't they also often the most easily to get along with? Their glowing personalities tend to attract great friends, healthy relationships, and thriving careers — as well as love and support wherever they go. We are so indulged and inspired by those personalities that we genuinely look up to them with all are hope to become either like them or exactly their mirror image. Although this image would have its own traits too.

Characters we appreciate are those ones which we either find relatable or wholly like us or even those who you think deserve to get the awestruck looks. They enjoy things especially the simple things. People who don’t enjoy anything are whiny. People who like things are fun to be around, both in real life and in books. They express universal truths – this doesn’t have to be deeply philosophical, just a little detail that everyone notices but nobody has put into words yet.Like how hard is it to drive in high heels. They don’t realize how awesome they are and because of that they don’t realise that other characters like them better than they like themselves.

Whatever benefit you're looking for in life — more friends, a better career, a loving relationship — it seems it can all be won by stealing a few tips from those who tend to get along well with others. If you're shy, for example, projecting more confidence may attract more wonderful people your way. If that sounds good, then read on for a few moretraits experts say are common among likable people, so you can start winning everyone over, too.

For instance if there is one common thread among interesting people, it’s usually their desire to learn. Their curiosity expands far and wide beyond their field(s) of choice. Curious people don’t get congratulatory. They observe the world around them in a way that other people don’t. They ask a lot of questions. Curious people ask why and how often. The smallest things they notice throughout their day may spark a thought, idea or discussion as quoted by Leonardo Da Vinci- “Learning never exhausts a mind”.

Knowledge is power. So finding more people like you would help you emancipate the knowledge that you acquire. It helps developing your present personality.The wider and deeper your discussions can go gives you the ability to connect and add value to the people around you. Intelligence has never been easier to acquire than today. The internet has opened the public archives to just about any subject you can imagine and its likely sitting in your pocket or you’re currently reading this on it. Creativity comes in many shapes and sizes and there are a variety of ways people can use creativity to their advantage. You explore and browse your mind through many aspects you can be original and unique at the same point of time.

Confidence is intentionally put after humbleness. The people whom we venerate are those who we think are the true role models for us to get those traits in us which we failed to develop in ourselves. Confidence hence increases with the will for growth in us.

There are so many people in this world that you can find ourselves relating too. The most important criteria to judge these people is to come across at least half of those traits that you have and the other half that you don’t and can benefit yourselves.



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