As we know that networking is a process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts, therefore it is very important. We may find it insignificant in the short run, but in the long run it plays a pivotal role in achieving our short-term and long-term goals. You don’t know if a stranger, you meet at a competition, may turn out to be someone at the workplace. They may help you in future and consequently you may too, in return.  As per a famous quote, networking is an essential part of building wealth which just can never go wrong. It is something that can help you at any stage.

In this world, everyone has gained experience during the journey of their lives. Many of them have very interesting experiences like bicycling across the country, many people have learned many languages, many people have done hiking in remote places in the mountains at very high altitudes, many people have done cross-country driving, etc. So, all these type of people always wish to share their experiences with other people who have interests like these and even a lot of people have a tough time finding people who can help them. And it’s not only about these huge experiences, even small experiences like working in a particular field, giving an interview, sitting for an entrance exam, working for an NGO, every small thing like this is so important and worthy of sharing. 

Networking comes in action here.  It would be really great if we can just catch hold of these kinds of people at one place.

For me, as an individual, networking was a task as it was very difficult for me to approach new people. My network was limited only to my school and neighbourhood friends. But when I entered college, I felt that it was expanding a little, but still it was difficult for me. For me I really look for opinions of the people who have just been at the place where I want to be or the people who can actually guide me for that. This makes me even more curious to know a lot about them, how they think about various things, their perspective, and it makes me realize that even an individual has so much to offer with whatever they have experienced.

As much as I like, knowing about people, and learning from what have they accomplished and with what all they have been through, I love sharing what I have experienced. There are a lot of things where you go wrong from a career perspective or you think you could have done better if you could have done something with that, so I wish if I could communicate it to people.

Metvy as a platform can be a very useful tool in sharing these experiences with the people. It will help the future enthusiasts to learn a lot in their respective fields of interests.

 I think Metvy has made it easier for me as I can just find people who are somewhat like me and is helping me in expanding my horizons. It just helps to connect people who are within small range. I can just find the right people there as it identifies my needs and interests. It has an option of linking various social networking sites which further makes the process safe.

Conversely, it is also possible that in the future when I become a professional, people can also contact me through Metvy and I would gladly assist them as far as possible.

You just never know that the person sitting next to you may need help with a skill, say graphic designing, marketing, sketching, etc., that you may have. And some people just need a platform so they can just simply present themselves. So Metvy plays a vital role here.

I will surely recommend this to anyone who finds networking a task.

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