7 Most Powerful Ways To Accelerate Personal Growth.

Pina Bansal
Jan 08, 2020   •  8 views

Personal growth is, often, the result of continuous efforts morally, physically and even intellectually. But unfortunately, it is possible to spend huge amount of money and lots and lots of time in following self-help guru techniques. It is because, in reality there is no easy path or any fast step for personal growth and transformations. But still, this doesn’t mean that one cannot jumpstart today for personal development Here are the seven most powerful and influencing ways for accelerating our growth-

  1. Try to learn more and more all the time- The truth is that education and economic status are related and interdependent. Well educated and curious people generally earn more respect and even more money. But some people think that education is unattainable for the lack of time and money. But this isn’t true. There are several online educational sites from which you can make your own educational path like Courseera, Khan Academy, LinkedIn Learning App, etc.

  2. Volunteer yourself and your time- Volunteering opens up several paths for self-growth. Volunteering is one of the amazing way to learn new skills. What if an employer doesn’t have time and patience to teach you new skills, but a volunteer coordinator will always have. Finally, volunteering also give you a sense of happiness because of having learned a new skill and also teaching someone a new skill.

  3. Travel as much as you want and as much as you can- It is a bit difficult to learn something new and grow in the same kind of people, same belief systems, similar traditions and point of views. One can find really different types of people in different state or countries. Travelling is a way beautiful cure for all of this. Prioritize travel in whatever way that you can. If that means traveling abroad and experiencing new countries, that’s wonderful. If not, don’t dismiss the potential in travelling to new states, cities, even neighborhoods. Traveling can positively impact your health, creativity and happiness.

  4. Indulge yourself in some creative work- Being creative helps a lot in self-growth. Paint pictures, write whatever you like, learn to sing, learn photography, try acting in a small or local theater productions. There is so much to do. There is not path wrong to creativity. Creative people are the most self-aware, solve problems intelligently and have more confidence.

  5. Prioritize your health- Eat balanced diet, exercise regularly, avoid sleep deprivation and get in shape. All these require commitment and self disciplines, so you’re not just getting the direct benefit from them; you might also develop and uncover traits you may not realize you had. There’s also the matter of energy and endurance. Personal growth isn’t a passive thing. It requires that you are active and engaged outside of your normal schedule. It’s important you are physically able to take on opportunities to grow and learn.

  6. Evaluate your life honestly- Personal growth is improvement. To accomplish this, you should be willing to evaluate your life as it is right now. Be willing to identify and acknowledge strengths and shortcomings alike. This will allow you to choose the steps you need take going forward.

  7. Learn to do time management- Giving excuses not to have time is the very enemy of personal growth and improvement. Everyone has time. You just have to modify how you use it. Here are some areas where most people can stand to re-prioritize: Watch less television and truly focus on shows you love when you do watch; reduce time aimlessly surfing the internet; rethink your commute, taking the bus instead of driving might give you time to read or listen to podcasts; recruit friends to turn get together into something productive like volunteering or taking a class.

    Personal growth can lead to happiness, better career prospects and better relationships. Try out any of these seven strategies to get your efforts off the ground.