We live in our world where people are either chosen by or are given to you by your destiny. Friends and family are the categories of people we usually sustain our lives around. These people are two shoulders on which you can lean on whenever you need them. They are those people of whatever age they might be of will be having your back when you are in trouble or in a puddle.

In course of our lives we tend to move so fast that we have left some people so behind that we even forget that even they existed in your life. It’s like passing trees when we travel. Times flies and we don’t realise the amount of memories we have buried with the emotions we felt. One of things I like about looking at old photographs. They are a reminder that there were so many people back then in our birthday parties that we can’t even imagine counting today. Like remember when being a kid was so overwhelming, we had all the attention and loved by people around.

There can be a lot of instances because of which we loss connection. One can be the disrupting fights. We forget what we had and focus on our egos. We don’t let love take over our arrogance when we fight to despise the other person. We tend forget the related lives which are going to suffer.The other reason can be the geographical distance. Well today that’s not much of an issue today but as we have social media to connect us all. Although when people lack to make effort to stay put with the old connections, of course this connect would get loose. Time is also a factor which keeps all of us intact to each other. The amount of time we donate to a person or the gallon of attention we give matters. At some point of time you will remember the people you lost in a good way where you would compare whatever good they did or whatever stand they took for you. This audacious mov takes courage to actually praise a person you have not been in touch with because we all talk behind people's back but what matters is the context, positive or negative.

Do you know what nostalgia feels like? It’s that feeling of confusion where you don’t understand what to feel. You don’t understand you want to cry or feel sad or happy. You are swinging between your own emotions. That would be the feeling which would hit you when you meet a long lost friend or a cousin after years because you separated because of an argument. There is hardly a simple way to collect the people back in your life. Some have moved on. For some people that connection didn’t matter as such or maybe some people can’t forgive or forget.

We always cringe on the fact that we have so many people yet so less for the appropriate time. It’s true because at times in gaining new connections we tend to lose many of those whom you may have considered as the best. It’s just a way of understanding. Two people need to understand that to establish a connect there needs to be maturity and most essentially understanding. Choice of words matter. Anger is an emotion every living being feels. It’s just that we need to inculcate this emotion in such a manner that it doesn’t create delusional and muddled situations for us.

There’s always time to find new people but difficult to approach the old ones. It is not necessary for everyone to like many people in life but drinking cups of tea and remembering old and good times is a refresher better than a mint mojito.

It’s fun to have new people in our lives but outrageously silly to forget the old gems. It's interesting to get to know different genres of people and understand what diversity humanity provides us. So if you have lost any connections, always remember there are comas during our life which means there is more to it but a full stop can end a life and a chance to replenish whatever you had. Life is journey of people we found and then lost in the course of time. Don’t keep grudges or be upset on petty things, try and keep in touch with people you know because any reason is a “no reason at all”.



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Keep going!!!
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Can relate to it....
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Good job disha
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Great Going Disha Keep it Up