Stand Against Domestic Violence.

Deepti Nayak
Jun 27, 2019   •  9 views

How strange it is ? people fast for 9 days during navratri , become a devotee of a women blindlessly on the other hand the same bunch of people dont even think twice before raising hands on their womens . this bunch of so called ethnic group are true hypocrites,the plaster saints of the society.

In our society, violence is rupturing. It is present almost everywhere and nowhere is this emission more intense than right behind the doors of our homes. Behind closed doors of homes all across our country, people are being tormented, beaten, and killed. It is ordinary happening in rural areas, towns, cities, and metropolitans as well. This ill practice has spread over all social classes, genders, racial lines, and age groups. It is becoming more alike benefaction being passed on from one generation to another.

The word used to describe this shattering problem of violence within our homes is Domestic Violence. This violence is done by someone who we have close relationships with the victim, be it a wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, father, grandparent, or any other family member. It can be a male’s or a female’s monstrosity towards another male or a female. Anyone can be a victim and a victimizer. This violence has a propensity to explode in various forms such as physical, sexual, or emotional.

people say about culture, so what culture says the women who is in temple known as goddess worship her and the women who stays in your house torture her.Violence against women is a severe issue in India.Overall, one-third of women age 14-50 have experienced physical violence, and about 1 in 10 has experienced sexual abuse.In total, 45 experienced physical or sexual violence.This figure reveals the tale of millions of women who have suffered and continue to suffer, at the hands of husbands and other family members.

Violence by Husbands against Wives Is extensive

Married women are more exposed to physical or sexual abuse by husbands than by anyone else.

Women and men in most of the instances agree that beating a wife is justified when the wife disrespects her in-laws or her per our Indian culture husband is considered supreme and master of the wife. He can regulate and control the wife's action t and the wife being the subordinate has to obey all his order. Ignorance of the house or children is the second most commonly agreed to a justification for physically torturing women .but this not how it really should be; women are not meant to bear suffering all the time.

so dont allow anyone to demean your integrity; being a woman is a power, not a curse. If you don't have any relative, who can support you, then you can contact directly contact a local domestic violence agency. They can give you complete information about how to enter the local domestic violence shelter, Leave that place immediately.