Def: If we take our life as output, then education is the input.
Education System: Step by step method of preparing anyone as a good, well behaved human for this world.

50% of education system is how it’s made for us and other 50% of education system is how we take that education system for educating ourselves and others.We can’t make an eduction system which will be perfect for all. We have to take education from our books, surroundings, previous mistakes etc.

Education does not always mean how many degrees we have rather it means how much happy we are after taking those degrees.

Now let’s say about our indian education system. Our indian education system is consist of many layers after layer, after passing every layer we get one piece of paper –that’s our certificate and we start thinking that our certificate will give us success or satisfaction, but after some time we get to know that our certificate is only usefull to get into another layer. Our education system gives us lots of knowledge on many things. As wegrow up with our education we started getting lots of preesure of study and unfortunately there is no subject in our syllabus to handle that pressure. Also we have no marks on how we handle the pressure in our education system.So we have to educate ourself only in wise way , so that we become happy and can also achieve our goal.

These thinking only came from my little experience of study till B.Tech 3rd year and I believe I will be geting to know about many things from my upcoming future and I will share my experience with others.



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