Weaving A Hopeful Life For Self!

Charul Chandak
Jun 27, 2019   •  2 views

Is it really difficult to understand this story of one’s existence?

May be yes but once it is realised that its a story, it really isn’t.

Its just an inexplicable emotion to realise that all of it is written! Everything which is going on, not just around me but even within me is written and fixed. Its often said that certain people and things just don’t matter in one’s life but literally it does.

May be its just me who is real. Real not in terms of character but in terms of true and factual existence! May be whatever is going on in this world is just illusionary; just to make contributions in my story. People are succeeding, failing, falling in love, falling out of it, committing crimes, setting records, crying, laughing and doing all sorts of ginormous and weensy things to contribute in my life! Distance doesn’t matter. The person sitting next to me is a supporting actor and so is the person sitting in the farthest nations!

May be history doesn’t even exists. Those may be concoctions to help me channelise my energy and actions by getting inspired! May be future is just another illusionary word.

May be the most outrageous and malicious thing named death is the most enchanting experience. May be this life which I’m living today is just a trailer to the actual movie after death!

But something’s still wrong. If all of this is illusionary then what is stopping me?

What is it that I’m holding back? If I’m the protagonist then why am I allowing the supporting characters to take over my show?

How unrealistic my efforts are!

The reason is that may be I’m trying to make all these illusions around me real. And in this futile haphazard my real existence is going in vain. How can I do this?

Its my life. A story which can be written just once. Which can be felt just once.

Its a story which I may not be able to review once the ink is over. May be I’m trying to write a novel but my pen holds just some more ink for a small snippet.

Then what? Let’s just live this moment to the brim and squeeze every emotion out of it. It’s not over yet.

Firmly hold your pen to continue and let life happen so that when you put the last full stop, you’re contended.