In moments of adversity when things don't work out today my heart just skips a beat reminiscing the old days when the shoulders around were so reliable to lie and weep. No complications and no justifications! Life was simple and that was it as there wasn't any room for bedlam.

Life's moving forth and some close one's are dropping out. The irony of life isn't in the moment when they leave or they stop playing the most integral part in our lives but when we are surrounded by a humongous crowd and just wish to vanish for a second and peek into the old pages.

This feeling of being happily lonely is like a lump in the throat which becomes even more difficult to swallow when nostalgia plays it's game. We definitely don't want to be the old us but trust me everytime you look for a shoulder, somewhere you're missing a part of old you whom you had pulled out and dropped off assuming it's useless.

The very basic idea we read everywhere today is that one should not forget the true essence of happiness and compare it with materialistic successes, still every moment we are just struggling to live that one moment we believe shall take us a step closer to our "Happiness in Life".

Now there's no anger and wrath left in the veins because helplessness beckons tears, which right away show up sliding down the cheeks. I know it happens with everyone sometime or the other when our "Coolness" goes on leave and appoints "Helplessness" instead!

All I can say is make sure you don't tear and crumble your old pages so much that there's no way left to fix it again.

Everytime life will seem crushing down, visiting the old caves will help you reconstruct life again.