Nature is an exquisite and picturesque epitome of life. Every single element of nature portrays some or the other phase of life. Be it spring or autumn. Spring is an adornment of youthfulness and hope but autumn signifies the moaned and pallid phase of one's life.

Autumn is a perfect example of the aggrieved phase of women's widowhood. When the entire world seems to end. When the sky moans along with the lady, who is struggling to find the reason of her existence. At that point any lady might experience the fate of a flowerwhich was hanging boisterously on the tree but now lies all shattered on the ground.

Well unfortunately all of this is true. A widow is portrayed to be helpless in our society. She is seen as a handicap, who shall live a very hapless life after her husband's demise.

Marriage is the most pious relationship, especially in the Indian culture there is nothing above that. But a sudden end to it puts a question mark on the woman's existence. Yes, its a very deplorable sitation for her to keep up. To find a new hope and reason to live seems impossible. Moreover, the toughest thing she faces is carrying a heavy heart throughout, which wishes to emanate all its emotions. This is generally done with the life partner and an end to his life becomes nauseating for her gradually!

But is it all? Does an end to the husband's life end all the hopes for the wife? Definitely not.

Yes this phase overshadows her life to a great extent but its not an end. People are connected emotionally, but an end to one's breath shouldn't mean giving up breathing for the other.

She doesn't needs sympathy or someone to rely on. All she needs is a word of support, to find her lost self, her capabilities to run the world.

A well-off family of three lived in Faridabad. The man of the family was the only bread earner who did everything to suffice the needs of his wife and his son. The lady was a housewife for whom happiness encircled her family and this satiated her. In a sudden car accident her husband was knocked down by a drunkard and this took away his life. The family had sunk in a penurious state of bereavement. It seemed to the lady as if someone had decolored the perfect scenery of her life! Did she give up? No!

She gathered all her strength because she knew she had to live for her beloved husband, her son and also for 'herself'.

She shunned all the littering mouths which were adding nothing but trash to her family's life in the name of sympathy! Everyday is a new struggle for her in the battlefield but instead of giving up hopes she owns the tag of being a 'widow'.

Today she runs her husband's business so successfully that no one can imagine that she had had no knowledge about it. Her son says that though she tries to fight with all her strength still he had not seen that smile which his father gifted her. May be that is lost but to get it back someway or the other is the only motive of his life.

From where did he get this motivation? From his mother, who is potrayed to be helpless by the world for being a widow but actually is the strongest!

This is the true story of that courageous family.

Hence, widowhood is not a curse. Its a phase of life. Autumn does not signify a complete end to the spring season. May be the same flowers won't come up in the next season which used to embellish the garden but this doesn't mean that there won't be buds of hope anymore! Support them to move ahead.



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