I’ve been trying to bare myself since a long time now. I’ve been trying to understand and give words to what I feel. Everytime some of my words get stolen forever. I’ve lost the understanding of despondence, turmoil and perturbation since everything is just the same for me now.

Crumbled bleak life.

What if someday I just loose my ability to feel the intensities of life?
What if the doomsday comes to my rescue and asks me to walk the dark aisle with it? What if I never meet hope and spend my entire life cantankerously, trying to settle my relationship with patience?

I’ve been trying to look for some congenial comrade and at the same moment I’ve been trying to live all by myself.

Such a pandemonium situation it is!
Our own self works head over heels to nauseate every breath that goes in.
We superfluously botch up things and relationships and then sit hapless under the midnight’s moon, cursing it for taking away all the stars.

We simply forget about the fiend who stays on lease under the skin and then we inculpate the destiny and the effing world who honestly has no interest in our lives.

Why do you think the world is after you?
Why do you consider yourself a carved model of sanctity who is above all the profane norms?
Dear, it isn’t like that.
Just peal off your tenuous skin. You simply don’t deserve it. Own up to everything you have been doing with yourself because the concomitant of all your deeds is the world you are surrounded by today!

Stop blaming it for chopping your dreams into smithereens because you yourself gifted it when you were high!

It’s very simple. You are prudent for everthing you are doing with your life and hence you need to own up to this.

Else take more years and kill your time cursing people and the ‘ Bad World’, as you say. But just remember everyday you are walking on your life’s road and you actually don’t know how long it is.

Just beware and get things sorted because you may even encounter the dead end at the next turn!