Friendship! The one relation which actually decrypts the beauty of the bonds which are even above blood relations.In this journey of life, we come across many travellers, the heart tends to skip a beat whenever it meets another heart with whom it can share its secrets of intense agonies hidden within the deep skin layers! Its the soul which covets and yearns for friendship because every moment it is being pricked, it needs a friend to stay back and hear all the rants. Our soul gets a mirror to have a glace at the beauty it exhibits, with which even we were unknown.

They pick you up when you are thrown out of the life's train, at the wrong station!

A friend is no less than a person who peels off the skin of an onion! STRANGE! How? It is because he\she knows that their heart will be stabbed and the blood will ooze out from their heart as well when they'll try to be the ointment to someone else's life still they go on removing the skin layers one by one to reach up to nucleus of the scar and cure it ignoring the tears which roll down their cheeks. We share every emotion with them. The sweetest, sourest and even the bitterest. Because we know that somewhere they'll turn the tables of our mental stability.

True friendship can't be weighed on the balances which has the weights of Facebook tags and memes, friendship bands and a taste for F.R.I.E.N.D.S! It is way above than all these delusions and much more heavier. But technically social media cannot be blamed everytime, because it even plays the role of joining two distant threads, residing on distant islands! It has definitely made it quite easy for

When someone tries to knuckle us and we stand alone being jeered upon that person will be smashed off by our friend even if we had had a world war 3 with him\her just before the slightest speck of sand slumped down the sand clock! We do have fights and "Ego clashes" where we are absolutely reluctant to make efforts and initiate but somewhere the heart is bouncing on the beats of the adrenaline rush, dying to hug that person and abuse him! But its not an aww moment always. Today when everyone is so riveted towards the bird's eye, hanging out and chilling with friends is considered preposterous!

Dear folks, I believe every friend you meet is meant to turn the tables! Either they make you or they teach you how the world masquerades, which means friendship is something which helps in making your walk towards your destination a leisure. Provided you choose some worthy travellers. There's nothing like a good friend or a bad one because the more you are cozened, your inner self gets more beautifully embroidered! But you need to know the next time that even friendship can taste bitter. We share smiles, tears and many conversations and emotions which can't be brought down to words, every angle of the eye brows speaks all of it. Basically in an 'Indian tone' , friendship is all about loving your abraded pyjamas the most over everything. Time and destiny do play there cards by changing the directions of their roads. But it's never a cake walk. Maintaining any relationship demands equal affection from both the ends.

Before befriending anyone else we need to fix an appointment with ourselves to know what are our desires for life and what is it with which we shall suffice our hunger.

Squeeze out the essence of every snuggled relation and you'll get buckets of honey pouring out with affection and tenderness; let your soul take a gulp of it and taste friendship!

Value your friends, they beautify your life's stage play!

So, this friendship day let's show our gratitude to every acquaintance whom we had addressed as a friend sometime in life. Let's relive the lost innocence of those moments and cherish the self entwined bonds.