To pollute our own land and water bodies, to risk our own health, to put life of animals in danger, to give rise to a number of diseases and still call ourselves wise, even after buying plastic bags is called plastic pollution.

Cheap polybags are seen in the hands of every passerby on the way. Some have products and eatables in them while some carry other products. Also, the freshly packed food that is still hot is packed in polybags without realising that it will melt and get mixed with our food, which is a great cause of cancer.

Even though we call this world our home, yet, we don’t consider it as one. Rather, we are all busy keeping our own house clean, regardless of the harm being caused to mother earth. All the garbage from our house, that includes all

kinds of biodegradable and non biodegradable objects are packed together and given to the garbage collector, who further dumps it into the water bodies. Pieces of glass, broken plastics, nails, broken tools- all become the food of aquatic life along with the other things, which ultimately proves fatal.

Also, pieces of plastics and broken glass are being swallowed by the landside animals, which often result in their death, as they get stuck in their intestines. Is this what our morales and values are? We should equally value water bodies and try to control our hands from littering things here and there. The garbage dumped in the river bodies further chokes the drains, resulting in overflowing of dirty water, giving rise to various water borne diseases. The plastic also gets stuck in the soil, leaving no space for water to penetrate into it and thus making the soil barren. When these plastic bags are burnt , they release toxic gases like methane which are a threat to our life. Also there is a residue left after burning plastic which sticks to the ground and continuously pollutes the air irrespective of the area or type of sector.

We, being the children of mother earth, should shoulder the responsibility. Specific dustbins must me made for particular kind of wastes. The three R’s, reduce reuse and recycle must be followed. Prohibition of littering plastic and other waste items must be taken care of. Use of paper bags must be adopted.

Our mother earth has given us too much to be payed back, but this, still can be a little step towards protecting her.