Sex- a taboo.
As soon as people hear the word sex, they either pretend that they’ve not listened, or they term the

person saying it as vulgar. The society we’ve been brought up in, thinks of sex as a taboo and speaks

about it in a hushed voice, as if they are existing on earth through some process other than
intercourse. The only process because of which they cam to life, are breathing today, are living a
life, earning, going places, doing all that a human can- the same humans label that very thing the
name of a taboo on the society. But, since the people don’t talk about sex at all, why do they
celebrate the joy of a woman expecting a baby? If they are silent about the term sex, that originally

gave the world a new life, then why do they need to say it aloud about the new life entering the

If sex is a taboo, even conceiving should be one.
Parents need to talk about these things, teachers need to talk about these things, people, in general,

need to talk about these things. How would a girl know if she is being touched inappropriately by her

own uncle? Yes. Not only strangers but even knowns and close ones also have corrupted minds.
Infact, 51% of cases of molestation and harassment is done by near ones who know that the child
cannot raise their voice. This is the question to all the parents and teachers that what is the use of

nursery classes and teaching alphabets to 5 year old kid when he/she cant even put into words what
they might be going through. Imagine a world where every girl and boy is educated regarding good
touch and bad touch, are aware about their genitals, can voice their opinions, can recognise if they

are being touched inappropriately, and if yes, can raise their voice against it.

Imagine , a world where every girl and boy is aware about the menstrual cycle, where boys help the girls in dealing with their periods and girls not being ashamed to ask for sanitary napkins openly, and where pads are not sold wrapped in opaque carry bags. Imagine, a world where schools have discussions

organised especially to talk about sex education, where parents encourage their children to be frank

about it and where children trust their parents and teachers and friends if they have to share any of

these talks.

Make the world a better place to live in for each and every gender where they feel safe in their own

I wish of a world where all these talks may not be a taboo anymore.