I’ll be there for you, cz you ll be there for me too.”
Friends my obsession. Show as well as my real friends. I never knew the meaning of some friend's tumblrs. “There is no life without friends.”, “ you are incomplete without friends” etc. When I was a kid, I always thought why would someone need their friends to survive who do not even live in their houses. Yes. I was stupid.

I grew up making some true friends and some fake. There were friends who waited for me outside my house just to hold my hand to walk till school rickshaw, some who would ask about my car pencil box and wish it would break if her parents refused to bring the same, I had friends who came to class only for me and would hide their book in desk if I was asked to leave

for not bringing mine, I too had friends who would make me cram in bus for my exams and some whom I taught even if I did not understood the concept myself. I had seen all of them. The fake ones, the real ones, the pretenders, who used to be my bestfriends, who are still my bestfriends.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan rightly said, that there are 100s of people who are always around us, 20 of them whom we talk to daily for work or other purposes, but there are only 5 those people who are our world. World in which we reside, who are our first go to persons. Okay! I am that lucky person who have a good lot of friends and also those 5 fingers without whom I am completely incomplete. And I totally agree with those tumblrs I used to read in my childhood. No one can survive without friends.

I pity those who do not prioritise their friends over their tv shows and shopping plans. You want to enjoy a show? Call your friend home and then you ll have double the fun. There is no fun eating maggi alone in school, until your friend comes to share it.

Honestly, I was one who canceled her plans just to sit at home lazily all day. But today when I am far away from my friends, I feel like running back to them, hug them and tell each one of them “I am sorry for not being so cooperative at times, being cranky, and not giving time to you people. But I love you and I really miss you people”

ps: AMIGO means FRIENDS;)



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Bisman Chugh  •  4y  •  Reply
Me too😊
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Huge fan of friends....!!!