It's the summer break and now is the time when new movies are out and it is the chillintime at home. When we say movies what does usually comes to your mind 'NETFLIX'-yes yes a bowl of caramel popcorn, AC, low dim light and full on movie binging, a perfect date with oneself. Here are the five Netflix original movies which will make you cry and laugh at the same time . Each of them are different and are about teen love. So go and check out these films.


Initial date- 17 Aug 2018
It is about a teenage girl who writes letter to all the boys she has ever loved and one day finds all her love letter are exposed and creates a havoc in her love life. With having mixed feeling, taste of friendship, confronting your crush and secrets being spilled out in front of entire School this film brings all the flavour of love and portrays what teenage girl faces when it comes to love and crush the film revolves around Lara Jean and her crushes. This film also portrays Noah centineo and was a bus last year as this film made him a celebrity crush and we could see all the girls crushing over him.


Initial date- 11 may 2018
This film also portrays a teenage love story. Life of Shelly changes when she is forced to confront her secret crush at a kissing booth. Kissing booth changed her friendship with Lee and takes a different turn. Things even don't work out between the leads but at the end things fall back into places. This film is surrounded by sarcasm, kisses, friendship and pranks which makes it worth watching. It also might be a good news for the people who have already watched it that Netflix has announced a sequel.


Initial date- 16 Nov 2018
Princess switch will give you all the royal vibes and new experience. This film is full of romance. Although Margaret and Stacy look alike but their social statuses are different. This film shows the wish of a duchess to live an ordinary life for few days and they end up agreeing to switch places.They fall in love with different people and at the end the duchess got her chef lover and Stacy enter the royal blood. The movie brings two words into one platform beautifully placed.


Initial date- 7 Sept 2018

Sometimes it is required to fall in love with who you are and to be proud of the way you look. Sierra is a girl who is into music but is not confident about her looks and a case of mistaken identity leads to an unexpected romance. She befriends a popular student Veronica and tries to win the heart of her crush through her. The movie is full of cute romance, friendship and teaches us that even to make someone fall in love with you one should be just themselves the movie also comes with an amazing soundtrack name sunflower.


Initial date- 8 March 2019
Sometimes life doesn't work out as we have planned and it's full of ups and downs but that doesn't means we fall out of the race. As people say life always gives us a second chance to live. Amberely also got the second chance to see the world.She is a nationally ranked barrel racer who meets with an automobile accident and barely survives. Now paralysed from waist down get a chance to earn her place in the game she loves. The support of a her mother and her moral courage helps her to find her way back. Her horse becomes the leg for her and they come back again into the play. The movie brings tears to everyone's eyes and brings out the beautiful shade of love confidence and willpower.

So here are 5 Netflix movies that you should definitely watch once and experience it.