Online Movies….A Boon Or A Bane…?

Bhavya K
Jun 17, 2019   •  21 views

Digitalisation has resulted in many consequences. The digitalisation has provided platform for all types of works which made one's life very comfortable. Today people has accompanied internet access with digitalisation technique and are thus creating many wonders all the world. Using internet one can do quite many things.One can play, study, read, browse the required things, also watch movies, etc.


These days the people of all ages are quite interested in watching movies of all genres. However, the thing is all are torpid to walk to a theatre and watch a film. Therefore, everyone are totally interested in ONLINE MOVIES. We can find many apps that are providing movies on subscription basis.

Usually the habit of watching movies has evolved in theatres but in due course of time, the movies came available in the form of CDs, DVDs, etc. Later of usage of pen drives ha come in to scene, thus at that time movies were widely downloaded and preserved in pen drives. Thereafter the movies are being watched in online rather downloading them.


But the reality is that through this ONLINE MOVIES we have many pros and cons involved with it.

On contemplating the pros of online movies we come through the following points:

·The person seeing a movie in online can pause as well as resume whenever he wants.

·One who has a habit of fascinating the new movies can watch them free without travelling much distance.

·People can likely switch to the part of the movie where they missed or can also jump to another film without watching until end.

·The major advantage of them is one can watch a film or a particular science many times by repeating it.

·Meanwhile, the people in theatre were provided with some coco-cola or with popcorn. However, if they are watching a movie at home then one can have a provision to eat anything.

·Watching a movie in relaxing manner with all the required equipment beside makes a person more comfortable while watching a film.

Now let us look on the cons of ONLINE MOVIES:

·1) The movies that are released recently might not be limpid. Therefore, that can disturb and irritate a person while watching a movie.

·2) One has to watch long ads in between the movie and in addition, sometimes some kind of mature content is found on the websites, which is not ethical for kids to watch them.

·3)Firstly, downloading the online movies is a very restless idea because the video may download to 90% and if suddenly the downfall in the server results in the slow download of the further movie.

Last but not the least, the online movie providing websites are often spurious and are vulnerable to hacking.

Thus watching a movie in online in a fraudulent website may result in inviting many serious data seizing issues.

Mostly, these ONLINE MOVIES are useful for the people who wish to stay at home or for the ones who desire to go out for a movie and flunk to do that for many reasons.

Since we can observe that, even a small coin has both faces, therefore ONLINE MOVIES also has both advantages and disadvantages. Pro tem, the usage of everything what one has depends on the mind-set of the individual. Watching online movies is a good thing but watching them continuously can end in severe conclusions.