Why Tom Cruise Is The Biggest Superstar

Bhavya Gupta
Jul 20, 2019   •  54 views

Top Gun: Maverick trailer was recently released. It is a much-anticipated sequel to the 1986 blockbuster Top Gun. Thirty-three years have passed since that movie, but Tom Cruise popularity hasn't seen a dip. In my opinion, he is the biggest superstar in the world.

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous Hollywood stars around the globe. He is recognised for his Mission Impossible movies and generally termed as an action star. That is only partially true. He rose to the fame from his coming of age comedy Risky Business. Jerry Maguire is considered his best work to date. That is far from an action movie. Rain Man and Collateral are other examples. The variety of films which he has done over the years has made him people's darling. People of various ages are a fan of him. The movies are not the only reason for that.

Tom Cruise was injured while filming on the sets of Mission Impossible: Fallout. The video is available on Youtube. What happened afterwards is why Tom Cruise is our favourite. He continued the stunt, walked past the camera on a broken foot, completed the scene and then went to the hospital. Later in an interview on The Graham Norton Show, he said that he knew at the instant that the foot was broken. The doctors told him that it would take nine months for the foot to heal. Then it would take more time for him to start sprinting again. But Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise began to shoot six weeks later. After twelve weeks, he started sprinting. He completed the remainder of the movie with a broken foot. He had once told the media that he makes these movies for people, and his commitment shows how much he loves us.

He also takes every character seriously. He can be called a perfectionist. The best example of that is Tropic Thunder. He plays a billionaire named Les Grossman. The script had a regular billionaire who just cared about his money. Tom called Ben Stiller, director of the movie and told him that he would need fat hands. Ben was shocked to hear this but agreed. When the movie came out, everyone was surprised and amazed. He was one of the best parts of the film. There is nothing funnier than seeing a bald, fat Tom Cruise cursing and dancing. Do yourselves a favour and check that out on Youtube.

He performs almost all his stunts. This is something he keeps in his contract. He agrees to do the movies only when he is allowed to do his stunts. He learnt to fly a F-14 for Top Gun. The aeroplane scene in MI 5 and the helicopter chase in MI 6 are all real. There is no green screen involved, and they were all performed by the great man.

With the coming of digital media, there is a decrease in the moviegoers. The audience count is becoming lesser and lesser. People tend to watch films on their mobiles, laptops etc. But there is one man for whom people are ready to spend the bucks and go to the theatres. After all his movies are an event and can only be enjoyed on the big screen, that is Tom Cruise, the legend.