Kabir Singh: A Wake Up Call To People

Bhavya Gupta
Jun 28, 2019   •  210 views

Kabir Singh has been into the realms of controversies since it has released. That's not a first time. Bollywood movies are a great talking point in our country. Such is there strength that the government stops focussing on relevant issues and starts finding grounds on banning the film. Most of the times, there is a group of people of a particular region who gets offended and asks for the ban. As a country, we always look for a scapegoat for all the wrongs in our society. Films generally take the major brunt of it.

Movies are a source of entertainment. They should be seen in that way. They needn't have any social message in them. Flicks like Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Padman have them, but it's not necessary for each of them. They don't have a social obligation towards society. So when movies like Kabir Singh comes, we should enjoy it and remember that it's just a movie.

The movie is labelled as misogynistic and is called out for showcasing male chauvinism. That's a rational point and can be understood. Though one criticism that is undoubtedly uncalled for is that it glorifies drug and alcohol abuse and gives the wrong message to society. A person who has a drinking problem doesn't need a movie's approval. He/she might continue to drink whether the movie comes out or not. Also, in this case, the movie shows the harsh reality of society. We generally turn a blind eye to things that we don't want to see, but it is what it is. A guy going into a depression when stuff like this happens is very likely, and depression is something we don't talk about much in our society.

That's not the first time this has happened. Udta Punjab is another film. It tried to show the harsh truth. It was bang on in showing the problem that many people face in their lives. But as people, we want to live in a bubble and believe that everything is fine. Anything that challenges that notion is rejected entirely.

Can we imagine the criticism a movie like Fight Club would have received if it was made in India? The movie which is considered a cult classic might not have passed the Censor Board. That's why we can see the difference between the original one and the Indian remake.

Amidst all the controversies the film has broken the 100cr barrier. This is despite the rough waters it has find itself into. It is loved by the people. This leads me to that every movie need not have a social message in the end. We are watching someone's else story. They do not need to make everyone happy. Also, no film will ever be responsible for a problem in society. Despite us wanting to believe it, no film is that powerful, and if it is, then we have a problem.



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