Paparazzi And Its Crazy Norms...

Farheen Sabahath
Jul 12, 2019   •  5 views
  • Paparazzi in India is more of an intrusive culture than merely a matter of fact and fiction. Social media have become a platform for the hounding of celebrities and their kids which gradually is becoming their latest obsession. The term paparazzi is itself termed by the celebrities as a pejorative term since they continuously hound their private life. Paparazzi speculate the ongoing success and affairs of celebrities in a not so dignified manner.

  • Showbiz gossip revolves almost exclusively around Bollywood stars and telly stars. These celebs find themselves in a helpless situation with regards to the paparazzi mafia.

  • But it's not always true that celebs are always hapless.. sometimes it's the journalist who become pray to these celebs stardom.Yesterday I watch the video of kangana runout being rude and intimidating a journalist and clearly mentioned him to shut his mouth and not to ask any questions. Whereas,he was being very patient and calm. He said it's not fair to use your place to intimidate him. Stars sometimes do throw tantrums around just to show how cool they are .

  • Actually we are living in a society where there is a complete addiction to celebrity culture.people are more interested in their real life than their reel life .media is hungry for the entertaining news where they intrude the celebs personal information, extract news ,fabricate it with much more spice and thus feed the curious kind of people who have no idea whether it's true or just a fake one.

  • Media should know it's limits and operate within their limitations. The worst part is that most of the things which they show is are either highly exaggerated or absolute fake . They are purposely manipulated by the media to get highest viewership for their media channels.

  • Media is sold at a very cheap rate where they can fabricate a news or make an interesting story about nothing just to be able to be in there list of choice. They encash their privacy into entertainment factor which is by far not ethical. They take money to advertise the charity and nobleness of their stars. This is how a business is built on the basis of our interests.



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