14 Popular Cabin Crew Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Barun Kumar Gupta
Jun 03, 2019   •  312 views

Have you ever reached the final stage of the interview only to end up being unsuccessful after the whole process?

I know how you feel. I had my share of unsuccessful applications too.Rejection sucks!
You replay the whole interview conversationin your head trying to remember every word you said orevery action you did hoping to figure out what you’ve done wrong.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Perhaps it just wasn’t the right time for you yet. Sooner or later, with a little more practice and preparation, you will get in!

In this post, we will look atsome of the most popularmistakes that cost candidatesthe job.
Read below to see whether you’ve made these mistakes too.

Top Cabin Crew Interview Mistakes

1Arriving Late

Punctuality is of top priorityin the airline industry.
Use Google Mapsto find the exact location of the interview venue and arrive at least 15 minutesbefore the interview starts.

2.Not KnowingYour Interviewer’s Name
Listen carefullyand note downthe name of the interviewerand addressby name at least twice. Don’t overuse the name though.

Show them that you’re so comfortable using names in your conversations and you’re keen on building proper rapport with total strangers.

Important:Please avoid using “Ma’am”or “Sir”.
3.Weak Handshake
Shaking hands is probably the first close encounterbetween you and the interviewer so make it agreat first encounter.

Show enthusiasm and confidence by giving a firm yet friendly handshake.
4.Negative Body Language
Be wary of your posture at all time. Don’t slouch. Don’t cross your legs. Don’t fold your arms.
Display confident and positive body language. Use minimal hand gestures while talking.
Maintain comfortable eye contact. Nod your head to show that you’re a good listener.
Show that you’re happy to be there.Relax and keep smiling.(For more on confidence and eye contact, read  3 Easy Steps To Be More Confident For Your Cabin Crew Interview.

5.Sitting Before Being Invited
I personally committed this grave sin. The interviewer opened the door to let me into the room. Once inside, I immediately sat on the first chair I saw.

It turned out to be the wrong chair!
The interviewer asked me to stand up and sit on another chair.Embarrassing!
Obviously, I didn’t get the job that time.
Sit only where and when you’re asked. It shows courtesy and respect.
6.Chewing Gum or Smoking
Big NO NO!
It shows lack of respect forauthority. Don’t ever chew gum or smoke even while waiting at the lobby for the interview to begin. Remember that you’re being watched the whole time.

7.Closed-Ended or One-Worded Responses
Don’t respond to the interviewer’s questions with just a“yes”or“no”. Build livelychats by telling a shortpositivestory.

Also, describe your answer using words that elicit emotions.
For example, if the interviewer asks:
“You mentioned here thatyou speak French is that right?”
Your response should be in the lines of:
“Yes, I do. My parents worked for the UN and as a teenage I spent 7years in Senegal. All the kids at school spoke French. So, I couldn’t help but learn theirlanguage. I was so lucky!”