More Interviews, Less Worries!

Tiyasha Das
Mar 31, 2020   •  34 views

It’s rightly said Interviews are like First Dates ~

Good impressions count , Awkwardness can occur, Outcomes are unpredictable.

 Being in a stage of life where you have to constantly think about jobs and career; group discussions and personal interviews are a common thread that lead to it. Ergo-phobia is usual for all humans. There’s a strong adrenaline rush before we go into the interviewer’s room thus provoking us to make some common mistakes that may result to rejection and despair.


So, let’s quickly revise five of these errors we should avoid while facing an interview:

 1.First impression is the last impression- Under confident body language, nervous laugh, limp handshake or inattentive answers? This makes your whole personality’s downfall as soon you leave the room. Ask permission while entering and while sitting, greet everyone with a warm smile or a assertive handshake, lean forward slightly, make eye-contact and answer every question cool-headed also leave the room saying a thank you and a smile. When you apply, make a neat precise resume. Keep the dress code formal, do not use your mobile phone or carry a drink inside, remember strong succinct answer grabs the attention of the interviewer.


2.Less preparation – high chance of rejection- The interviewees prepares all the tough questions that may be probably asked but subtly misses out to research a bit about the company where the hiring process is going on. The requirements the company looks forward to in a candidate, their recent projects and collaborations. A company will always desire candidates who are compatible with their protocol and know about their endeavor. So, you should to be ready to toss any type of questions thrown at you.


3.Badmouthing about your past job-time to return to the mob-Dear interviewees, never get provoked into saying any negative comments on your past job. Tackle any such questions with presence of mind, reply by saying the type of experience you have gained from your work field and how you are exploring for more such areas of responsibilities to deal with as there is always room for improvement. The company always wants employees who are loyal and hardworking. Tell them how you can handle disagreements in a mature way, be honest but strategic.


4.Prefer ‘We’ to ‘I’-come out without a sigh-The moment you start thinking that I could answer that question better you lost this race. Be confident in what you did and don’t regret later. Also coming to an important fact that you should take care to use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, subconsciously you show that you are capable of team work and have a progressive attitude. Don’t hesitate to say how much you can do for the company, tailoring your ability to focus, multi-task and facing challenges together.


5. TMI-time to say bye-Too much information leaves a setback for the candidates. Too much enthusiasm especially among the novice is common, but you are only required to present your ideas briefly and effectively. Don’t get sidetracked into talking about your personal life. Stay calmly focused.


Hope these tips and tricks help you out.Try to remain clam and focused.Remember, a job interview is not a test of your knowledge but your ability to use it at the right time.Be so good that they can’t ignore you. All the best!