Quota Taking Opportunities Of Capables.

Ayusmita Parida
Jul 21, 2019   •  6 views

So, India has become very Independent and improvised in education.

But somehow it has become a business for lots of people and politicians. The education infrastructure is great including NITs, IITs, medical Institutions and Amazing B-schools.

*But, why the education system is so weak??*

Why it is giving pressure on top students when they know they are capable of getting qualified in any top college after their school.

Isn't it the term *"QUOTA"* taking the opportunity of capable candidates!!??

QUOTA factorhad been started since B.R Ambedkar fought for lower caste group or untouchables. He prepared a constitution where quota reservation amended just for decade as he had estimated that within 10 years, the backward classes will become equal(socially and economically).

Previously these group of people were illiterate, jobless, and were just tribes whom high class society was feeling hatred to touch or talk to them. Thus, Dadasaheb had to take this step but no where he had mentioned to expand this reservation from after they get equality, developed more than anyone else over the nation.

Man general category are not able to fullfill their dreams because after such huge pressure of studies and hardwork and also with good scoring they are not able to go to their dream school or college.

They are loosing their opportunities because their place is getting reserved by some SC/ST category student who would have scored 30% less mark than the general candidate.

Some arise the question that, if the student is not able to score as much mark needed to pass or not studying enough. How can he serve the nation well ??

Most specifically in engineering and medical colleges,the capable students are out of the college and the low scored students are in.

It's needed that our education system must change. Give every seat to the efficient student who have worked hard for the seat. And there must be equality in studies and education. You cannot take someone's right into vain so easily.

*what is the category??*

There is no such SC-ST category. Do u know who are economically weaker section(EWS)??

The people who are earning less that Rs8 lakhs per annum are called economically weaker section.

Due to this problem many students are committing sucides and for this Government is responsible.