Is Social Media Affecting Our Society!!??

Ayusmita Parida
Jul 23, 2019   •  19 views

Social media has made increased quality and quantity of communication among millions of people. Various social media sites are Facebook LinkedIn, Instagram WhatsApp etc., engaging people all the time in various activities. People are able to post and share anything they want with their friends and friends of friends. Social media is being used tentaciously among every sphere of life including business, governments etc.

But we are forgetting that constant use or engagement of people are affecting their productivity, relationship as well as soiciety.

It was eatimated to be 2.77 billion social network users are their in 2019.

Marketing and communication service so are well leading in Social medias and also it's a great platform for arranging clients. Global number of people are using Social media has grown by 13% in the past 12 months. In Facebook, there are 1.40 billion daily active users. Instant communication with friends and family is being possible and group discussions and group notifications are very easy to access, creating new opportunities for jobs.

But we are also forgetting negative impact of social media. Many users think that their personal data are safe on Social networking sites as they are implementing and using high security settings.

But a news also shook all over the world. A case linked to Cambridge Analytica (CA), a political consulting firm was able to access 50 million facebook user details, which was shared with CA to reach voters on social media with personalized messages and swayed 2016 elections.

Also, cyber bullying is very common. Addiction to social media hampering sudents' mind, studies as well as a person's relationship and work.

*Yes, we can say that it is hampering our society someway but we can control it.*

We need to take action by ourselves.