Facebook Marketing: Everything You Need To Know From Digital Marketing Company

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Sep 06, 2019   •  6 views

We all are available on facebook. Getting started with internet marketing can very simple with facebook portal that is filled with millions of potential customers around the world. It is the biggest social media network in the world with 2.27 billions active users. Many experts say that 1.5 billions users are active every day.


From startup to full fledged businesses, everyone understands that Facebook has now become a major player in industries like media, marketing, and branding industry.

Not just good numbers, facebook also interrogated for numbers of scandals from Cambridge Analytica, to account hacking. My along with many other readers ask this question- Facebook still worth investing time and energy in the user satisfaction.

The answer is that despite all the scandals, many research and experts shares the data that shows that facebook’s user don’t seem to leave facebook or changed their regular behavior at portal.

In other words, Facebook marketing is still the best marketing opportunity on the world’s social network. This fact will not going to change anytime soon.

So, investing in facebook marketing on digital marketing company will be a good choice.

In this blog, I will be discussing on the facebook marketing that can be availed by a good digital marketing company near by and enjoy the fattest branding experience with a little cost. This blog will show you the basics of how to use Facebook to your advantage. This blog aimed at the beginner or startup who wants an introduction of marketing for their brand on the world's largest social network.

Now first things first, we must ask one basic question- Is your potential buyers are available on facebook?

My answer is, probably.

As per the latest research by Pew Research Center shows that every individual use atleast one social network. The younger age users are maximum at facebook. On the other side, both men and women are using this social media with almost equal number.

Market With Facebook Pages

The most obvious and important tool for Facebook marketing is Facebook pages. For a brand, creating an official facebook page, and listing all the necessary information, and 24x7 support to communicate with the visitors can solve the problems. User can “ Like” a page or “ follow” it. When any user is added to the facebook page, they will automatically receive updates from that page in their feed.


When any brand see people to like the page, it is a good idea to promote the service/ product. It will save lots of money, time, and effort in the long run.

When we differentiate between the facebook profile and facebook page-we can get two major ones-

  1. To add someone in the profile, you need have approval first. Where it is not needed in the case of facebook page.

  2. The maximum limit of adding friend i the facebook profile is 5000 whereas there is no maximum bar with facebook page.

The best part of setting up the facebook page is that they are FREE and very easy to set up. We can create any brand facebook page within 15 minutes.

But creating a facebook page is not all, but having an engagement is. In this case digital marketing company can do wonders. Earning likes, comments, and engagement become easy when you get some professional support.

Set up the perfect facebook page

Many are aware to do this, but how can we make it effective to grab more likes and engagement? Many brands don't use facebook page and other don't give time on posting quality content on this and lose a large share of customers instantly. Digital marketing company like NextGen Global Services Pvt Ltd can solve all the problems.Setting up the profile photo and cover photo is a very important task. To be very direct your logo must be the profile photo. The cover image has a different story. You can use the tagline, product you are selling or the team photo to show the strength.

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