Aarambh Hai Prachand - The Model Code Of Conduct

Ayush Naithani
Mar 12, 2019   •  53 views

Largest democracy of the world…….29 states …543 constituencies ……8 crore new voters …political parties …..manifestos ………this road leads us to one of the greatest festivals of India's democracy the 17th Lok shaba election.

Elections are the part and parcel of any democratic country. they are the backbone of the democracy, the nature of elections reflects upon the success of democracy and political maturity of a nation.

The nature of the election should be free to fair and impartial. The people should be free to choose leaders of their own choice without any fear pressure or hesitation .To ensure that everything is done in a proper way during the elections.The Election Commission of India an autonomous constitutional authority administers elections to the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Council in India, and the offices of the President and Vice President in the country.

With the official announcement of the complete schedule for 17thLok Sabha Elections byElection Commission of India, the Model Code of Conduct came into force from Sunday evening. The election commission has now pulled up its socks for the affluent completion of the elections. As these elections will have the paramount mantle in deciding India's future.

The model code of conduct refers to the set of norms laid down by The Election Commission of India with the consensus of political parties. It is not statutory law.

The Model code of conduct deals with eight provisions – general conduct, meetings, processions, polling day, polling booths, observers, the party in power, and election manifestos.

1-General conduct

No party or candidate shall indulge in any activity which may aggravate existing differences or create mutual hatred or cause tension between different castes and communities, religious or linguistic.

No party or candidate should not bribe or intimidate voters and most importantly, should not criticize other political based on unverified reports.


The Party or candidate shall inform the local police authorities of the venue and time any proposed meeting well in time.


A Party or candidate organizing a procession shall decide beforehand the time and place of the starting of the procession, the route to be followed and the time and place at which the procession will terminate.

4-Polling day

All political parties and candidates shall co-operate with the officers on election duty to ensure peaceful and orderly polling and complete freedom to the voters to exercise their franchise without being subjected to any annoyance or obstruction.

5-Polling booths

Apart from voters, only those individuals with a permit from the EC will be allowed to enter polling booths.

With the declaration of Model code of conduct the ruling party whether at center or state whether at the Centre or in the States should ensure that it does not use its official position for campaigning. The mode code of conduct remains effective until the entire election process is not completed. The election commission has also released a helpline no. to deal with all types of problems during the course of elections.

The polling for 2019 general election will be held in seven phases starting from April 11 and will conclude on May 19. Counting of votes will happen on May 23.