Instead Of Giving 99 Marks Why Teacher Gave 0 Marks To A Student In Telangana

Ayushi Thakur
May 02, 2019   •  3 views

Telangana Board of Intermediate,thatis at the centre of a row over goof-up in declaring results of Intermediate examination, suspendedan instructorandobligatoryfine on another for giving a student '0' marksrather than'99' on Sunday.

A dayoncethree-member committee submitted itsreport back tothe government Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) began action against those found guilty of dereliction of duty.

BIEproclaimedlate on Sunday thatit'sobligatoryRs. 5,000 fine against UmaDevi, a teacher of a private school who evaluated Telugu paper of Navya, a 12th standard student but instead of giving '99' marks gave her '0' marks. UmaDevi hasconjointlybeenravagedby herschoolmanagement.

BIEconjointlysuspended Vijay Kumar,an instructorof asocial groupwelfareschool,had served asinspectorhoweverdid notnotice the blunder.

The goof-up by the Board has triggered a spate of suicide by students and protests byfolks, student bodies and opposition parties.they'rehardaction against the higher-upswithin theBoardand also theGlobarena Technologies,IT company,thatwas allegedly found guilty ofthe largebungling.

Suicide bytwentystudentsand bigprotests forcedthe government needto announce free re-verification of answer sheets of overthreehundred thousandstudents, were declaredfailingwithin theexamination.