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Robert suffered from amnesia! I remembered the college incidents. Any kind of stress or psychological trauma would lead him to a temporary memory loss. He would forget random stuff, and remember the same stuff out of the blue.

I was able to understand what exactly had happened. Exactly as Tracy had said, Robert had killed Dave Smith, Janet and the businessman Jack. However, after the death of Dave, the shock, excitement or nervousness led to a memory loss and all he remembered was that Janet was his wife, and the memorable moments they had spent together. That’s probably why he kept weeping when Janet died.

And now, it seemed as though he had forgotten everything about Janet’s death.

Mr. Steve just glared at Robert with his mouth wide open. He looked at me.

“What on earth is going on?”

“Well, amnesia. I know him since the time we were in college. He seems to have forgotten about Janet’s death.”

Before I could speak any further, Robert grabbed me by the collar.

“Janet’s death! How can you speak something so unpleasant! Janet can’t be dead!”

I held his hand that grabbed my collar.

“Just shut up. Another word uttered from your mouth, and I swear I’m going to kill you. Just don’t open your mouth for a while. Fool.”

Wow. Robert seemed intimidated by my words for the first time. He immediately let go of me and didn’t utter a single word after that.

Mr. Steve was now able to understand what was going on.He scratched his bald head and said,

“I see. This is a very interesting case.”

Robert had to be arrested. But his medical, or rather, psychological condition, to be precise, didn’t permit the cops to do so. He was hospitalized. Things remained that way till his condition improved. Then, he confessed his crime and apologized to Tracy. He was imprisoned for seven years, charged with the murder of three innocent people.

I was satisfied that I had finally sent Janet’s killer behind bars. A complicated mystery had been solved, but still there were unanswered questions in my mind. There was a mystery that was yet to be unraveled.

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