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We had decided to meet at a cafeteria. After Robert’s imprisonment, things had started to get back to normal. However, there were questions that still needed to be answered. And that’s exactly why I sat there, facing Tracy.

“So Tracy, how did you get to know about me? You told me your darkest secret. You knew that if something went wrong, you would probably end up losing your life. Why did you trust me, when all I was to you was a complete stranger?”

“You were never a stranger to me. I’ve always known you, though you never knew me until Janet’s death.”

“You know me? But, how’s this possible? Where did we meet?”

“We never did.”

“Huh? Then how do you know me?”

“St. Mark’s College. 2010 batch. Do you remember receiving anonymous letters that said that someone had a crush on you?”

I thought hard. I didn’t really remember stuff clearly, but I was sure that something of that sort had happened.

“Umm, yeah. I do remember that something like that had happened. But, how do you know about all that?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I had written those letters.”

That struck me hard. I was speechless.

“Oh. I…I don’t really know what to say.”

She didn’t say anything, but I could see her face turning kind of pink.

I finally gathered some courage and said,
“So, do you still, um, you know what I mean.”

“I do. I really like you.”

Now I could feel my ears turning hot. I couldn’t say anything. I just smiled.

Tracy found this silence awkward. She decided to break it.

“Say something.”

“I..actually, I like you too.”

And then I took her hands in mine. We shared a blissful eye contact for, I don’t remember how long. But that was the first time I felt so good around a girl, after my stuff had ended with Janet. I remembered how she reminded me of Janet when I had knocked at the door of her cabin.

I guess I had finally found my perfect girl.