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“He’s dead? How? When did this happen?”

“He died of a cardiac arrest last night. He had been feeling uneasy all day, in case you remember. Finally, at around 7 pm, he got a severe heart attack, and died.”

“I am extremely sorry for that Tracy. May his soul rest in peace”

Tracy abruptly hung up.

I stared at Mr. Steve, still unable to understand what had just happened.

He seemed as confused as me.

“Turn on the news.” he said.

Immediately, his assistant switched on the television, and Dave’s death was all over the news. The reason had been well specified- heart attack. A heart attack at 7 pm to be precise. Yeah, and 8 pm was the time when I had reached home, only to find Janet dead. In this case, Dave being Janet’s killer was practically impossible.

Alright, so Dave was dead, and now none of us knew who had killed Janet. But, why did that random businessman lie that he had seen Dave killing Janet? What on earth was going on? There were millions of possibilities but I could not guess which one was true.

It would not be difficult to spread fake news of his own death, for someone like Dave who was probably born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It wouldn’t be surprising if I got to know that the businessman had been lying, and he himself had killed Janet. He had probably built up the Dave story to distract everyone. But, how on earth did he know Dave, and why would he make Dave, out of all the people in the world, to fall into this trap?

However, I just knew that neither of these possibilities was actually true. And none of you need to know how I knew it. That’s a secret that belongs only to me, and there’s no way anyone is ever going to know about it.

Just then, the businessman started choking. He grabbed his throat and fell to the ground, unable to breathe. And the struggle stopped.

Steve’s assistant came and looked at him for a minute or two.

“Sir, he’s dead.”

That’s when the devil within me smirked.

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