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I felt as though someone has punched me hard right in the stomach. Was this actually happening? Was this a dream? Did I really see the face that I just saw, or was it just an illusion?

Why on earth would my client, Mr. Dave Smith try to kill Janet? I just could not believe my eyes at that point of time.

“What’s going on Mr. Robert? Do you know this man?” Mr. Steve said.

“Well, yes I do. I know him very well.”

“Please tell me about it. This will definitely help us in finding your wife’s killer.”

I rubbed my eyes, still not able to believe them. But the sketch was of Dave, and that’s a truth that I had to accept.

“He’s Mr. Dave Smith, one of the richest businessmen of London. I had been working on a project with him since the past two years. That’s exactly why I was in London. I just came back last night, and then all this happened.”

The cop scratched his head with a frown on his face. He seemed to be thinking about something very seriously.

“Was this guy in London when you left?”

“Yes sir, he came to drop me off at the airport.”

“Well, dropping you off at the airport, coming all the way here, reaching home before you and killing your wife. This seems like a really well planned murder.”

“Sir, I just don’t know what to say. This seems impossible, if I think practically. I’m just unable to think clearly right now.”

Mr. Steve smiled at me.

“Everything is practical in crime, especially when the crime is a murder.”

I just nodded. There were several questions in my mind at this point of time. I needed an answer immediately. I stood still for a while and said,

“Mr. Steve, just give me a minute.”

He nodded.

I took my cell phone and called Mr. Dave’s secretary immediately. I put the phone on speaker. There was silence in the room.

After a few seconds, she picked up.
“Hi, Tracy here.”
“Hey Tracy, Robert here. Can you please connect me to Mr. Dave?”
There was silence on the other side.
“Tracy, are you there?”
“Yes sir, um, Mr. Dave is, um, well, dead.”

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