If you are a movie enthusiast, you must have watched Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. It is laudable to see how, Marvel ended their decade old journey. From the starting of The First Avenger, they knew their end goal, their end game.

And for this very reason Avengers Endgame has amassed 2.7 bn dollars worldwide and stands proudly as the 2nd highest grossing movie after Avatar. At first it seemed, Avatar will be dethroned, but other movies tampered with Endgame's collection in the box office.

The main villain of the 10-year-old saga was the purple alien with a purpose, Thanos. The man with a solution to the problem our earth faces. And according to the movie, even the Universe faces. Overpopulation and exploitation of resources.

At the end of Infinity War movie, he snaps his fingers to eradicate half of the life in the universe.

But have you ever thought about what would REALLY happen if 50% of the population on the planet, did turn to dust- in a moment?

Let's find out.

After the snap

The current world population is predicted to be 7.7 billion in 2019. It took over 200,000 years for the population to reach the 1 billion milestone. And it took merely 200 years after that to reach a massive 7 billion.

With so many people about, we face a myriad of issues. Naming a few- Global Warming, Extinction of species, Sea level rise, you know the rest.

If this population, hypothetically were to reduce to half its value, 3.85 billion to be exact, there will be major changes on Earth.

One point to consider is, even after half the population gone, the way we humans have been growing in number, it will not take us more than 50 years to reach back to the original population count.

But 50 years is a long time! For you and me, if we survive.

The first thing we will notice is.


Chaos is a ladder and the World would be climbing it. There will be accidents all over. From roads to skies. The drivers and pilots would be missing. This will increase the actual death toll as more than ten thousand planes are in the sky at any given moment. Many of them will crash, possibly even over cities.

Amidst the chaos, there will be robberies- a lot of it. No store owners. Law and order will cease. You'll be less safe than before.

Economies will crumble. CEO's and major workers would be missing. Services which require immediate attention like water supply and food chain would fail to function. People holding some essential jobs will reduce and inconvenience will be the part of the life.

No electricity, limited water supply, restricted variety of food, will be a common sight to behold.

But. After the chaos, comes order.

After the dust settles, the world will be closer to utopia.

How can i say for certain?

Well, because it has happened before.

The Black Death.

In the mid-1300s, a bacterial infection spread across Europe. The plague took in numerous tolls. There was death everywhere. With the lack of knowledge and medicine, it was able to wipe out 25 million people. This number may sound small as compared to today's booming population, but it actually represented half of the population on the continent.

So yes, half of the Europe died in 1300s.

It was catastrophic. But it also brought some good changes with it.

Earlier, the food supply was not able to meet the population demand. Many were poor and could not afford bread. Food was scarce. After the event, food was plentiful and the bellies, full.

People got richer, the regions prospered.

Based on their case and applying to our current World,

After the dust settles, food will be in plenty after the supply chain is fixed. You will be a lot richer simply because your skills would be in demand. Eg- If you are the only baker left in your town, obviously your bakery will make more money.

Moreover, you'll be able to save a lot on the major costs like house or rent. There will be so many unoccupied houses, you'll be able to get what you want.

Even our Earth will start healing itself from the pollution we have caused over the years. With less people about, it will be easier to curb the population and pollution.

In general, the resources will be utilized beneficially.

As Thanos predicted.

Maybe he was right?



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