Best Way To Get Rid Of Depression

Avishikta Das
Jul 20, 2019   •  13 views

"Depression" is a very conventional word nowadays. Most of us suffering from it. To be very honest this is more dengerous than any other thing. It will destroy you internally.

Everyday is a new day. We are suffering from many things. In this so called busy world we have to face the reality.

We have to fight,we have to survive in this busy world. But deep insight, we are suffering from various things. We all have a common fear that is fear of isolation. For this reason, we cannot open up infront of anybody.

So, it very important to live a healthy, tension free life. Today, I am going to give you some advice on depression. So here it is

Be active

"Activity" refers to alot of things such as house work,office/buisness work so on and so forth. It is the most significant part of our life. Try to be active. Try to take part in energetic things like dancing and playing.

Avoid negativity

Now Negativity plays a very sluggish role in our life. It can ruin your entire life. It can destroy you as well. So try to avoid negative people around yourself.

Keep smiling

Trust can solve your every problem with a sweet smile. It will bring so much energy. you can win every battle of your life. So be with positive people and keep smiling. Do those things which can bring smile in your face.

Plant tree

Green Is a very refreshing and soothing colour. It will enhance your energy like anything. So everyday try to plant 1-2 tree. Not only spent time with them. Take the fresh oxygen so that you can feel fresh.

Morning walk

Morning walk Is the best medicine for any disease. So try to walk in the morning and inhale the fresh air. It will remove all the negativity/depression from your body by leavivg you keep and calm.

Read books

Make a habit of reading motivational books. It will charged you up and help you to get rid of depression.

Eat healthy

Healthy eating is a very crucial factor. It will remove all the toxins from your body. It helps you to remove all bad toxins from your body.

Donot take tension. Just enjoy your life.Do whatever you want to do. Donot spoil or ruin your life. Just be happy.

Don't make it too complicated. Life is too hectic. But we have to survive. So avoid all the negativity and be positive always.



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Abhinandita Ghosh  •  1y  •  Reply
I must say, the topic of your article is very much impressive... nowadays mental health has become a very important issue... you've done a great job by writing this article👌👌
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Thank you for appreciating me.