4 Daily Activities You Must Do!

Sakshi Prasad
Aug 07, 2019   •  97 views

"Listen to everybody but do what your heart says.''

Generally, by listening to other's negative words we get upset. We think we can't do things. We are not capable of doing anything. This type of negative and unwanted things ruin our confidenceas well as our lives.

So not to worry, here I have 4 daily activities that one should do to keep oneself motivated are -

1) Remember 3 things - I, Me and Myself.You are the only one who knows yourself better than anyone. You know that what you can do, you have to fulfill your dreams, it's your dream nobody will fulfill it for you.

2) Positive Energy- Do good talks, meet nice people, follow your passion, be in a clean environment, change bad habits, follow the time table.

3) Love yourself- If you can't love yourself, then how will you love your work and your loved ones. So first thing loves yourself and your work. Try to ignore the negative comments and people. Think you are the best. Try to self- talk, one will get every solution to the problems.

4) Boost up yourconfidence - Never allow such people to low your confidence. If you get such negative and dirty comments, have patience, be calm and think how can you shut their mouth. Do not over think, and never lose your confidence. It's your life. Don't allow anyone to run your life with negative and unhealthy comments.

So here are the 4 activities that one should do to keep oneself motivated. Try to read some motivational stories of great authors. Try to listen to good and soft music if you feel low. Dance like nobody is watching you. Write down on a paper that ''I AM THE BEST'', and try to read it daily.

Stay happy and healthy.