Movies At Theaters Is A Better Choice

Avik Sarkar
Jun 20, 2019   •  31 views

Do you prefer to lie down on a cozy bed and watch movies at home? Or do you like watching at theatres? The opinions would vary as per preference. I would still encourage, and suggest that one should make it to the movie halls, to enjoy a film for the following reason:

Opportunity to appreciate the artist

Movie making involves the association of many people and a hefty production budget. As an audience, it would be really humble if we visit the theatres and spend money to watch the movie. It contributes to the budget of the entire production. Also, the footfall for a particular movie decides if it’s a hit or a flop. So, be there and acknowledge a good film so that the effort that goes into the making is appreciated and the actors get their anticipated response.

Better watching experience

Nobody can deny the far superior quality that theatres and cinema hall offers. The audio and visual it provides is beyond comparison to our home setups. The sound effects that reverberate optimally induce the essential effects that each scene demands. These help to engage the audience even more. Consider watching a horror film at theatres, the eerie sound effects get more prominence and have a long-lasting impact in your mind. At your home, you enjoy the movie, but lack of appropriate ambiance fails to have a sustained impression in human minds.

No interruptions

When you sit to watch a movie at home, you have several distractions around. Your mom may call you to do some house errands, your doorbell can ring, which you have to attend or even you might have to attend phone calls. Hence, there can be multiple reasons where you need to pause and do some other chores. While at theatres you are completely free from all kinds of distractions. You can fully concentrate and enjoy the movie thoroughly.

Much needed break

Restricting yourself within the four walls of your room is certainly unhealthy. Moving out of your space sometimes is essential. It refreshes the mind and soul. It omits monotony and mundane from life. The vibrant and colorful world outside, the hustle and bustle you get to witness and feel are certainly a pleasant change. You get to meet people as well.

The response of fellow audience

Theatres accommodate a huge audience, and watching a movie with so many together is different altogether. The funny reactions in a comic scene the thunderous applauds when the villain gets defeated or the emotional response that all portray at the end of the movie adds to the enjoyment. In fact, the quirky comments in between the scenes can be irritating at times, but you will definitely miss them all at home.

At times there are movies not worth the splurge, then it is completely justifiable to sit back at home and watch it. But the ones you feel suits your taste you can definitely spend on them once a while.